11 Best Crystals for Making Magic with the Moon

by yujianghao on Sep 15, 2023

11 Best Crystals for Making Magic with the Moon

One simple way to connect with the energy of the moon is to work with a stone that’s connected with lunar energy.

In this post, I’m sharing my 11 favorite crystals for making magic with the moon.

The moon, being our nearest celestial body, has such a deep impact on us. Connecting with its energy can help you live in alignment and flow with nature. One simple way to connect with the energy of the moon is to work with a stone that’s connected with lunar energy. Below are my 11 favorite crystals for making magic with the moon.

11 Best Moon Crystals:

  • Selenite – Named for the ancient Greek Moon Goddess, Selene (who was called Luna in ancient Rome), this stone has long been connected with lunar energy.

  • Moonstone – Historically, in Vedic mythology, Moonstone was said to be “made of solidified moonbeams” and was said to have been embedded into the forehead of the god, Ganesh, who is connected with the Moon. The ancient Greeks and Romans also believed that this stone was formed from the light of the Moon. Any variety will do, but peach, rainbow, and black are a few of my favorites.

  • Clear Quartz – The bright light that shines through this stone is reminiscent of the reflection of the sun’s rays off of the moon’s surface in the night sky – a perfect crystal companion for any type of magical moon-workings.

  • Pearl – Though made by sea creatures and not through geologic processes, Pearls have long been connected with the Moon and are traditionally associated with Monday (“Moon’s Day”) as their special day of the week (if you don’t have a Pearl to work with, Mother of Pearl makes a great substitute). Pearl is also associated with the ancient Roman Moon goddess, Luna.

  • Lapis Lazuli – also known as the “Stone of Heaven” because it resembles the night sky with a field of stars.

  • Blue Kyanite – This one is purely a personal correspondence and not rooted in history, but the long, slender blades of Blue Kyanite have always reminded me of the sharp arrows carried by Diana or Artemis (ancient Roman and Greek Moon goddesses, respectively). I love working with this stone when looking for some meaning or guidance from Mama Moon.

  • Aquamarine – Agrippa wrote that Aquamarine is connected with the Moon, possibly due to its connection with the water element. The Moon is also often connected with Water, emotions, and intuition, so these make a great energetic pairing.

  • Amethyst – People have been using Amethyst to connect with intuition and psychic skills since the time of the ancient Romans. Since the Moon is also associated with intuition, it naturally pairs with Amethyst crystals for any type of psychic work.

  • Labradorite – Labradorite is a mystical stone that gets its brilliant flash from reflected light, similar to how the moon is illuminated by reflected light from the sun. The energy of Labradorite and the energy of the Moon are like kindred spirits. Work with them together to enhance any Moon rituals or lunar activities.

  • Silver – Silver is associated with the ancient Greek Moon goddess, Artemis. Agrippa wrote of the correspondence between Silver and the Moon all the way back in the 16th century!

  • Moon-Shaped Crystals – Though they can be made from almost any type of stone, choosing a moon-shaped crystal made from one of the stones listed above amplifies the lunar connection even further. When choosing a moon-shaped crystal, also be mindful of which phase the shape is in and what that represents (see below for correspondences). I personally think that crescent shapes are the most versatile because they can be waxing, or if flipped over, can be waning…AND you can choose if you want them to represent the light or dark portion of the moon, so they can be crescent or gibbous in nature (covering many of the moon phases with just 1 stone).

To work with your chosen Moon crystal, try gazing at the moon while holding your chosen stone. Feel yourself connect with the Moon’s energy. Notice its phase, color, and size. See its detail – its areas of light and dark…its hills and valleys and craters.

Now close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths while holding your crystal to connect with the Moon’s energy. You may choose to hold your stone up above your head, toward the sky, to charge it with lunar energy and make the connection even stronger.