17 Crystals That Help Keep Your Mind Clear (Part 1)

by yujianghao on Sep 11, 2023

Top 17 Crystals For Mental Clarity

See Stones To Boost Clear Thinking

Why would you use crystals for mental clarity?

Because being able to concentrate better and focus on important matters can help to improve your everyday life. Learn which crystals help to boost clearer thinking.

By having sharper more focused thinking, you may be able to think more clearly which can be advantageous when you are studying or doing complex work tasks.

The purpose of using the crystals and stones chosen below is to aid you to clear your mind, release confusion, doubt and brain fog and pay attention to what's valuable.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Mental Clarity

Being able to think in a relaxed and peaceful manner helps you to focus your thinking on relevant day to day life matters, in a calm and serene way.

The stones listed below are some of the best crystals to increase your clarity of thought, by helping you to focus your mind in order to concentrate better.

All of the crystals below have beneficial properties that can help in different ways to remove obstructions that may be blocking the unimpeded flow of ideas.

For those of you who already have a fairly large crystal collection, you may find that it is beneficial to use the stones below to help you to think more clearly.

Many of the crystals for mental clarity are well known and may be helpful if you have brain fog or are suffering with a lack of focus when working and need some extra help.

Quite a few of the stones below have other powerful properties so you may benefit by reading any of the in-depth articles about them.

Allow your intuition to guide you when choosing a specific stone and of course if you already have one of them, you may as well utilize their energy to help you to think better.

Best Stones or Crystals For Clear Thinking

All of the best crystals for mental clarity are excellent stones to that help to stimulate clearer thinking. Most of these are fairly well known stones.

In addition there are also some other less common stones that will help you clarify your thoughts, so I will mention these below as well.

All of the top crystals and stones listed below have an in-depth page outlining other properties that may benefit you if you choose to use them.

So if you feel intuitively that one of them may benefit you click across and learn more. There is a link to their page under the image.


Fluorite comes in a range of colors and while each color may have different properties they are all strong healing stones.

They are excellent crystals for mental clarity that not only create clearer thinking but they also assist concentration and help to clear mental fog.

They have a good action to spark increased mental focus and to also remove disorder from your way of thinking.

All colors of Fluorite crystals are helpful to aid mental health as they have a strong positive energy to release mental confusion and to stimulate your mental abilities. 

For anyone who is a student and are finding that your thinking is unclear or confused they help you to concentrate and to stop thinking of things that aren't relevant to what you are doing.

This aspect makes them an excellent crystals to help you to stay on track or get back on track if you are already feeling puzzled or at loss regarding what you are doing.

Fluorite stones are beneficial crystals for EMF protection and are also good aids to release negative thinking.

Fluorite crystals have a good energy to use in meditation as they assist you to connect with spirit guides or angels depending on what is needed at the time.

They are beneficial stones to use to assist aging, and are also excellent crystals for emotional healing so you can see that there are a lot of benefits to using them.

They are one of the top crystals for pain relief and may aid you during a stressful time to let go of mental confusion that is blocking your thinking.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has been in use for thousands of years and was one of the favorite crystals that was used in ancient times in the middle east.

This blue stone is a stone of transformation that is most well known for its action to boost communication skills and encourage clearer thinking.

They are excellent crystals for mental clarity that may escalate both the intensity and profoundness of your mental processes, and the way that you approach a subject.

They resonate within the third eye and are one of the best stones to use to boost psychic abilities and will aid contact with your guardian angels.

This is a powerful gemstone that is made into beautiful jewelry, so think about wearing it on your body as having it within your energy field can be highly beneficial.

It is also an excellent protection stone, and wearing it may help you to be aware when psychic attacks occur.

They are good crystals for anger relief, as well as being a strong healing stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety and bring increased peace of mind and serenity.

It is a good stone to help inflammation that is known to assist the immune system, the respiratory system and the nervous system.

Good quality natural stone is getting harder to get but there are good specialist online crystal sellers who sell high standard Lapis stone.


Citrine is a bright yellow quartz variety that is well known for its action to bring clearer thinking, and help to boost your imagination.

They are strong crystals for mental clarity that open the third eye and crown chakras, that helps encourage clearer thinking and can also boost spiritual vision.

As they embody the golden ray, this assists the flow of golden healing light from Spirit into the body via the crown chakra. This can boost Spiritual healing and growth.

These yellow crystals are most well known as strong manifestation crystals, and this can mean that sometimes this attribute is concentrated on, rather than looking at other ways it can help you.

They are stones for good luck that bring good fortune but in addition their strong action to boost the brain and your thinking is quite powerful.

Citrine Crystals are also good healing crystals for you to use, that help you to let go of brain fog so you can think more clearly.

So check out the article about them to learn other ways they will benefit you.

These bright yellow crystals also stimulate feelings of happiness and joy and bring an increase of positivity into your life.


Selenite is a high vibration crystal that has a strong action within the higher chakras and they are known as excellent healing crystals that can help you in a number of ways.

They are a powerful stone to use in a crystal grid for healing and you can set intentions related to physical healing or issues in the emotional body.

They are excellent crystals for mental clarity, but this energy can be boosted by setting intentions related to clearer thinking if you think you need extra help.

The healing power of crystals like these is highly beneficial, so most people have some in their crystal collection.

Selenite is a strong stone of clarity that has a powerful resonance at the third eye and crown chakras as well as the higher transpersonal chakras.

Their vibration helps to stimulate the subconscious mind and may assist the growth of new ideas and help you to find solutions to problems.

While the clear crystals of Selenite are not as common as the white stone, you may find they are very helpful.

Selenite towers like the ones pictured make good corner stones in a grid, and encourage the energy to run easily around the grid.


Sodalite is an excellent stone for communication and it helps to ensure you think in a balanced and objective way.

These crystals for mental clarity assist your thinking to be composed and collected and it helps you to be serene and emotionally self-possessed.

They are useful stones to use when you are studying or doing research as they enhance clear thinking when scrutinizing or analysing information.

These blue crystals have a heavenly energy that helps to create improved analytical powers during fact-finding.

They may also boost your capacity to scrutinize details and may improve observation ability. They will help to clear the head when you feel confused or lack focus.

They are useful to boost the brain's faculty to have an awareness of patterns, so this makes them a helpful crystal to have nearby when reading the tarot.

They are strong crystals for truth that help you to think rationally, and may boost intuitive gifts. They are also good crystals for enhancing creativity.

Clear Quartz Crystals

Clear Quartz is well known as a crystal for healers to use and is also known as the master healer that enhances a higher level of clear focus for crystal healing.

While these stones are called clear quartz, white quartz has many similar properties, and are helpful stones to stimulate clearer thinking.

These crystals embody the white ray, a potent energy that resonates within both the crown chakra and the soul star chakra.

This is a stone of instant clarity with a powerful energy to assist the mind and encourage an enlightened perspective to your way of thinking.

They are powerful to use for meditation as they make a strong connection to the Divine mind.

They are excellent crystals for mental clarity that also enhance imagination and innovative thinking and like other types of quartz have powerful amplification properties.

They are useful for crystal healers to use and are known to aid mental health as they can be programed with a powerful intention to boost all types of healing.

Check out the article about how to program your quartz crystals to help you to understand more about how this can be used to aid your life in various ways.

Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone that gives protection from negative energy and in the past was made into protective amulets.

These were favourite crystals to wear for protection, and amulets were a great way to easily keep them on the body.

These stones have good healing energy to boost your strength when you are feeling low in energy, and they are also excellent grounding stones.

They are powerful to assist clear thinking by balancing the yin-yang energy of the brain. Their energy charges the intellect and help to resolve mental conflicts.

They may aid you to make good decisions and aid the emotional body by balancing your yin-yang energy.

These crystals for mental clarity resonate within the base or root chakra which helps to ground you too and they assist you to more easily focus for study.

The power of crystals like these is beneficial to aid you to remain unemotional and will create a calmer, more composed and collected approach to your thinking.


Turquoise has been in use since ancient times and are well known as stones that were used by the American Indian tribes in the past.

These crystals for mental clarity help you to understand what you are working on and may boost your mind focus, enhance your mental state and aid you to concentrate with a clear mind.

They encourage clearer thinking and have a good energy to assist communication ability and can stimulate the birth of psychic gifts and assist you when you are working to learn about past lives.

They are a highly protective stone that helps the release of any negative energies, and were known in the past as a powerful aid to detach negative vibes.

The best way to use them is to wear them on the body, which may boost mental energy, increase good luck and may assist problem solving.

They are a great stone to use to aid your physical health as they help to boost your energy levels when you are feeling exhausted or depleted.


Azurite have a good energy to help anyone who is studying as they they encourage clearer thinking and help you to retain information you are reviewing.

These blue crystals for mental clarity have a good effect to stimulate the brain and can lead to the discovery of new and original approaches to the work you are doing. 

They help you when you are studying to master new concepts, and aid you to understand the views of those you are learning from and to master their ideas when required.

Use them in meditation as they have a good action at the third eye which may assist you to develop psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance and intuition.

They may assist you to make better connections with the Spiritual world and your higher self and may enhance spiritual healing and spiritual growth.

They have a number of beneficial healing properties within the physical body, including assisting tinnitus and inner ear problems and helping migraine headaches.

They may help you when you are dealing with stressful situations and are a powerful crystal to enhance creativity and improve your confidence.

The are strong throat chakra stones that aid creativity and have a good energy to prevent creative blocks.

Azurite are strong crystals for communication, both with other people and with beings in the spirit world including your spirit guides.