17 Crystals That Help Keep Your Mind Clear (Part 2)

by yujianghao on Sep 11, 2023

Top 17 Crystals For Mental Clarity

See Stones To Boost Clear Thinking


Albite is a white stone that has a good action to stimulate the crown chakra and the brain, and are also known to be helpful to boost your memory.

These white crystals are known to be helpful to assist clear thinking and logical reasoning and will help you to have a methodical approach to the way you think.

The way that these crystals for mental clarity work is to arouse the action of the brain in new ways so that you can acquire fresh knowledge in a unique way.

These stones are strong crystals for inspiration that are beneficial to assist you during study as they help you to remember what you have have read.

Other ways that they can benefit you includes an action to boost intuition and they can also trigger inspired thinking, and may assist you to gain clarity about your path going forward in life.

They are beneficial crystals to use in meditation as they they help to energize the third eye chakra which may boost psychic gifts.

Albite is also said to aid healing of brain issues, including both Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease and are known to aid eye problems.


Mariposite are known as good crown chakra stones that have a good action to stimulate the crown chakra and to assist you to think more clearly.

They help to balance the masculine feminine energy within the brain and this may be helpful for your true self to better understand new ideas.

They are a good stone of the mind that assist you to attain the theta state fairly easily which is beneficial for relaxation and deep meditation.

They are beneficial crystals for mental clarity and help your thinking to be more subtle and diplomatic and help your communication to be sensitive when required.

They are an excellent stone to aid the emotional body, with a strong resonance within the heart chakra which aids emotional healing.

They are good crystals for fear that aid you to think with a clear head during hard times. 

They are useful healing crystals for you to use for stress tension and anxiety and are helpful to aid thyroid issues and are said to help respiratory problems.

Mariposite are known to be especially helpful for acrophobia or fear of heights.

Uvarovite Garnet

Uvarovite is a beautiful green garnet that is one the crystals for mental clarity that has a number of powerful properties.

This crystal is known to help you be more focused in your attention to important issues and to think differently and more clearly if you are studying.

It encourages clearer thinking about important issues and may spark fresh and original ways of approaching situations.

Use when you need a more unusual or novel point of view, as they are known to boost inventive methods or approaches to your current conditions.

These green garnets are well known for their action as crystals for manifestation and they are also useful crystals to boost creative thinking.

This green crystal embodies a strong heart based energy to stimulate loving feelings within you, especially if you feel rejected or neglected.

Uvarovite have a good effect to help you to feel worthy of attaining an increase of prosperity and may assist you to manifest wealth including money.

Picasso Marble

Picasso Marble is most well known for its action to stimulate artistic creative gifts. They also have a strong action to assist you to make changes in your life.

Their action as crystals for mental clarity relates to their strong resonance within the third eye and crown chakras which helps you to think more clearly.

This combined action within these two chakras helps to integrate your intuitive ability with the way your intellect operates, and this may boost transformation and innovation in your thinking.

They are also excellent meditation stones that can help when you are working on crystal mindfulness and find that mental distractions are interrupting you.

If you have difficulty with mental chatter that prevents you from slipping into a state of inner peace using these crystals may help you.

They are known to improve communication and assist the growth of your imagination, which may assist the flow of abundance within your life.

They are beneficial crystals for stress relief and are also good healing stones for helping you to heal from viruses and are known to help the digestion.

They have a number of excellent healing properties and they have a strong action to regulate your metabolism which can assist with weight loss.

These crystals aid you to go deeper into the meditative state, and this can be helpful for bringing increased spiritual transformation.


Sunstone stimulates clearer thinking when used in meditation as their vibration resonates within the third eye to help you understand what the best action should be in any situation.

Their action within the third eye makes them valuable crystals for mental clarity that have a good energy to assist to understand how to help yourself when needed.

It's easy to get jewelry made from Sunstone and wearing it on the body can be helpful to relieve stress.

It has quite a few powerful healing properties, and may help you to discover what you most desire in life and to work out goals that will take you there.

They help to manifest abundance and prosperity and are known to assist the growth of money by helping you to think clearly about what is going on in your life that is holding back your greatest good.

Sunstone is most well known for its excellent healing action to help SAD or seasonal affective disorder which affects some people in the winter when there is less light.

Pudding Stone

Pudding Stone is unusual as it is a mix of a number of different minerals. They are excellent crystals for meditation that bring increased spiritual growth and healing.

These crystals for mental clarity resonate strongly within the crown chakra, and can help you to remember dreams and these dreams may help you to solve problems.

They are good crystals for meditation that assist you during travels in the higher realms to ensure you return safely.

They aid clear thinking and boost the imagination and are beneficial crystals for creativity.

They have a good energy to assist stress and anxiety and when you feel you need to be more calm, will bring peace of mind and serenity.


Azurite-Malachite is a blend of blue Azurite with the green Malachite stone and they are also good crystals for mental clarity.

Their energy has the same action to stimulate clarity of thought as Azurite alone does.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate with white colored inclusions are stones that have a good energy to assist you to think clearly.

Any of the white stones resonate within the crown chakra and enhance your spirituality and have a good action to boost specific areas of the brain.

They are known to particularly help to stimulate mental agility, clarity of thought and clearer thinking.

These crystals for mental clarity are said to sharpen your thinking and can assist you to come up with answers when your thinking is muddled or confused.

They are good crystals for emotional healing and can help depression or distress that is hard to deal with.

Did You Know This? Crazy Lace Agate crystals (link to article under image above) are also known as The Laughter Stone as they help you to look at things in a different more