Andalusite:Helps High Energy Overload

by yujianghao on Sep 11, 2023

Andalusite Meaning Properties and Powers

The Andalusite meaning properties and powers can help overload from excess high vibration energy by helping to move the excess energy to earth to be released.

Their action may stop you from getting overloaded from a build up of too much energy, as they are a strong grounding crystal that is very helpful.

They have a rather pleasant vibration with a deep pulsing sensation emanating from them, and when you hold one in your hand its energy is quite easy to feel.

This is a highly effective stone of spirituality that is also known to be highly protective, so is beneficial to use during meditation.

They assist you to be safe at those times that you are making contact with beings in the higher spiritual realms.

Where Is It From? Andalusite Meaning

The meaning of the name of this stone relates to a location close to where it was first found in Spain.

While it was named for the Spanish province of Andalusia, it was actually first found in an area near to Andalusia called El Cardosa de la Sierra.

It has since been found in other locations in Spain, as well as in Australia, Russia, Burma, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Madagascar, Canada, Brazil and a few places in the United States.

It's chemical composition relates to it being an aluminium nesosilicate mineral.

It occurs in the massive form, in a radiating shape as well as prismatic or blocky crystal system and in a matrix of other minerals.

One kind of Andalusite that is well known is Chiastolite, a popular stone that is a commonly a brown color with a black cross in it.

Also called The Cross Stone when in this form, it is normally brown or green with a visible dark cross caused by the inclusion of black carbon or clay.

There is also a type called Viridine which is a bright green variety, as it has different mineral make-up and is said to contain iron and manganese.

This mineral is closely related to Sillimanite and Kyanite, and when this mineral is put under pressure at a high temperature may convert to Sillimanite.

It occurs in a number of colors including green, yellow, red, orange, pink, grey, violet, brown, white, translucent or clear.

The combination of these can also create a number of different tones, with shades of brown such as pinkish brown and reddish brown being seen in specimens.

While Andalusite gemstone jewelry is not common, there is a fairly uncommon lovely iridescent transparent form which exhibits pleochroism.

This form may be available fashioned into gemstone jewelry and for this purpose the clear or yellow types is said to be used.

Andalusite Meaning Properties and Powers

Andalusite meaning properties and powers relate to their action as a strong stone of Spirituality, grounding and protection.

Their metaphysical properties may be especially helpful to aid you when you are working with stones that stimulate the higher chakras.

If you are a healer, you could benefit from using this stone, both to help yourself as well as your clients. 

It is useful to use to clear blocked chakras, and is an excellent healing stone with beneficial healing properties.

Andalusite Properties & Powers: A Stone Of Spirituality

The role of Andalusite as a stone of spirituality makes them beneficial to aid spiritual growth as they may help you to make a strong connection to your higher self and the Divine mind.

They are beneficial stones to boost your memory and may aid you to remember important ideas and to recall them when needed. 

Andalusite crystals make a good connection to the spiritual world through their effect within the crown chakra, the soul star chakra and the higher etheric chakras.

They have a positive energy to stimulate the higher mind, and can assist you to think clearly, with a more positive outlook on what you are undertaking.

They are known to assist the attainment of spiritual enlightenment, which is related to understanding your true self, through realization of your own potential.

Why Would You Use It? Who Should Use It?

They are beneficial crystals for mental clarity, that are known to aid your analytical abilities and can assist with problem solving.

Having them within your energy field boosts your connection to your higher self and helps to encourage the growth of inner vision. 

Their energy aids spiritual development and may assist the growth of spiritual discipline through more regular routines or processes undertaken.

They are a helpful stone of balance that can assist you when you are feeling unstable, stressed or ill at ease from situations that are occuring in your life. 

They are excellent crystals to aid stress, tension or anxiety when it is caused by the ending of relationships.

Just be aware that their energy can take some time to work, so you need to be patient when using them.

Andalusite Meaning Properties and Powers: Use To Meditate

They are a stone of harmony with an excellent spiritual energy that aids you to experience deep meditation that aids your journey on the spiritual path.

Their vibration helps to release negative emotions caused by negative energies that you need to be let go of, in order to increase inner peace and contentment.

By stimulating the third eye chakra their energy can also aid you to develop psychic abilities including channeling, and may boost spiritual awareness.

Using them regularly in meditation will assist you when you are journeying within the higher realms, and they are said to be beneficial when undergoing astral travel.

Andalusite stone assists you to able to access high vibration energy available within the higher realms.

They may help you when are working to discover more about past lives and may be a valuable aid to assist you to find your akashic records in the higher realms.

The pink crystals in particular have a good heart chakra energy that works within the emotional body to increase Divine love and may assist relationships.

They may be of value to use for emotional healing and may aid you to release negative energy causing emotional pain and trauma.

Andalusite Powers: Strong Grounding & Protection  

Andalusite meaning properties and powers: they are good stones to use for psychic protection and grounding through their strong action to connect to the earth.

Many people using high vibration crystals or stones find that they end up with excess energy that needs releasing. Using this stone helps to relieve this problem. 

They are a strong grounding stone that can easily assist the movement of excess energy out of the body down to the earth. 

Their vibration works by shifting any surplus energy out of the body, down through the base or root chakra to the earth chakra where it is discharged.

They are a useful stone for crystal healers to use when they feel an energy drain after working with someone with deep emotional pain. 

These stones are also known to be good for protection and they are known to be able to stop psychic attack.

Andalusite Meaning Properties and Powers For Healing 

Andalusite meaning properties and powers for healing are known to assist a large number of health issues.

They are reported to be especially helpful to boost your energy levels and physical strength.

They may be beneficial if you have problems within the physical body that are causing an energy drain, that is depleting your life force and causing low physical energy.

They are known to be beneficial crystals to use to help broken bones and to relieve painful inflammation, related to problems in connective tissues such as tendons or ligaments.

They are also known to be helpful to repair holes in your auric field and may also restore ruptures or hooks, which could allow negative entities to enter your energy field.

They are known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, that may assist joint inflammation to heal and they may also aid emotional healing.

They are reported to aid the healing of issues within the nervous system, the circulatory system and problems in the blood flow and are said to aid issues with blood pressure.

They stimulate all of the chakras and this may work to assist panic attacks and emotional pain as well as ameliorating water retention.

They are said to assist healing of issues within the throat chakra that may be causing immune system problems.  

They are a strong healing stone that embodies a number of powerful healing properties that may be beneficial to aid you to return to good health.

It is a beneficial crystal to use to clear blocked chakras and this clearing creates a number of health benefits to aid your everyday life.

Andalusite Meaning Properties and Powers: How To Use It

Andalusite meaning properties and powers: My final thoughts relate to wearing a piece of this crystal every day.

If you are unable to obtain jewelry made from this stone it is still easy to keep it on your body by putting it in your pocket every day.

Wearing Andalusite will enable its excellent energy to work during the day, and this is helpful as it has a slow energy that takes some to take effect

It's easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and this is a simple method of keeping any stone on you without running the risk of losing it out of your pocket.

As they have excellent metaphysical properties it could be helpful to wear it every day, as it is known to take some time for its effect to work.

If you can find a piece of Andalusite gemstone jewelry, they are quite beautiful but they are not common.

There are a number of stones that are known to be highly effective at this chakra, that will combine well with this stone including Purple Scapolite, Blue Aventurine, Atacamite or Sodalite.

Andalusite is well known for its powerful grounding action and its energy may be effective when used on their own.

If you feel you need extra help to ground you, it may be effective to combine them with other grounding stones including some powerful black stones.

Many crystals help grounding with the best stone being Black Tourmaline, which is very well known for this purpose.

In addition other black crystals have a powerful energy for grounding including Black Andradite Garnet, Larvikite and Ilvaite.

These stones also have a highly protective energy, and are an excellent stone to use for psychic protection.

They can be used when meditating to assist you to feel confident that you are safe from any negative entities when you visit the higher realms.

You may also choose to use them with other psychic protection stones including Black Tourmaline, mentioned above, as well as Fire Agate, Kammererite, Prophecy Stone and Tantalite.