Best 46 Pink Crystals & Stones

by yujianghao on Sep 13, 2023

Best 46 Pink Crystals & Stones 

Boost Love, Compassion & Emotional Healing 

Pink crystals have a quite delightful energy that helps to increase loving feelings and can improve the relationships with everyone in your life. 

They arouse romantic feelings and stir tenderness and gentleness towards those you love and may assist emotional healing.

They help to encourage the growth of joy, peace and kindness towards others, with their soft gentle energy that also soothes you emotionally. 

The vibration of these lovely stones helps to amplify truthful speech, aids the growth of compassion and forgiveness and increases unconditional love.

Pink crystals improve personal relationships and friendships by their action to amplify the flow of loving energy towards those who are important to you.

These beautiful crystals have a supportive and comforting energy that encourages the growth of self love and self acceptance.

The pink stones that have a deeper higher heart energy have strong vibrations, properties and powers that aid Spiritual healing.

The Color Pink: Properties Of Pink Crystals

The pink color includes very pale colors through to quite deep shades that are almost red such as the beautiful rose pink stones.

This is because the color pink is made up of a mixture of red and white, and depending on how much white it contains the color ranges from pale pink through to a quite deep shade of pink.

Pink crystals come in a range of different colors or more precisely shades of pink.

They can be quite pale in color, but many are the beautiful pink color we commonly see in many of the stones in this group.

In addition there are some pink stones that are a lovely deep pink color that may be called hot pink or magenta.

Depending on the actual minerals the stone contains, the color of the the same variety of crystal can be a very pale pink through to a deeper color such as rose pink and even what may be thought to be natural red crystals.

Heart Chakra Stones: Why Would You Use Them?

Each of the chakras primarily resonates with a particular color and crystals of the particular colors resonate within the specific chakra.

The heart chakra is unique in that it resonates with both green crystals and pink.

The same applies to the higher heart chakra which also resonates with pink and magenta as well as green aqua and turquoise.

This article is primarily about pink crystals so the the other crystals colors are not discussed here. 

The color pink is not of course just one color, but ranges in shades from very pale light pink through to a deep rose or magenta color.

All of the pink crystals have a good energy to stimulate the heart chakra and many are also have a stronger Spiritual energy that is highly effective within the higher heart chakra, see more below.

The energy of the heart chakra relates to love for others, such as your nearest and dearest as well as love for yourself, your friends and family members.

The pink crystals have a strong action to enhance the flow of loving energy within every area of your life, so you can expect that using any of the pink crystals will bring an increase of pure love energy to enhance your life.

They help to boost feelings of joy, serenity, increased pleasure in life, kindness towards others, unconditional love and heightened harmony overall.

Pink Higher Heart Chakra Stones

The higher heart chakra resonates with the energy of Divine love, compassion and forgiveness. It is the Spiritual heart chakra and it also relates to Spiritual love, truth and the release of fear.

While there are not as many stones in this group, many well known pink crystals have a strong spiritual energy that resonates within the chakras from the heart right up to the crown chakra.

The high vibration crystals have an impressive spiritual energy and while there are not a large number of pink stones with a strong crystal energy there are a few.

This includes the high vibration Rose Quartz Elestial crystals, Pink Datolite, Danburite, Pink Nirvana Quartz and Petalite.

There are other quite a few other pink higher heart chakra stones that have an excellent energy to assist the growth of compassion and forgiveness, and many also have a strong energy to boost personal relationships. 

This includes some popular and well known crystals as well as a few that you may not be familiar with.

Pink stones such as Morganite, Tugtupite, Rose Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Magenta Fluorite, lighter pink Fluorite, Peruvian Pink Opal, Mangano Calcite, Cobaltian Calcite and Pink Rhodonite stone all have a strong higher heart energy.

Crystals Of Rose Quartz: The Foremost Love Stone

These lovely pink crystals are one of the most popular crystals in this group, as this beautiful pink quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love.

It is both a heart chakra stone and a higher heart chakra stone, with a vibration that stimulates loving energy to flow throughout your life.

The Rose Quartz meaning relates to it being the foremost love stone and it is a great stone that is definitely a stone of universal love and this is well known.

They are also known as stones for the planet Venus. The energy of the planet Venus is primarily about love, emotional harmony and balance.

Rose Quartz Crystal is a very popular stone which comes in various shades of pink depending on where it comes from and its energy is mentioned in many sections as its energy is so wide ranging.

There is a very pale pink variety of Rose Quartz crystal that is translucent or transparent.

This pale pink stone is often known as Pink Hyaline Quartz as there is also a Clear Quartz variety of Hyaline Quartz.

The use of Rose quartz is a popular choice, as it has so many powerful properties, so you will see the meaning of Rose quartz and how it will help you mentioned in other sections of this article.

Pink Crystals: Love & Relationships

The energy of pink crystals is well known for its action to stimulate loving feelings and this in part relates to the red tone, that when combined with white creates the color pink.

Red is the color of romance, passion and love and many deep pink crystals spark intense heated feelings between lovers and may intensify a romantic relationship. 

Many of the paler pink stones are beneficial for matters of the heart, as they help to improve relationships and to amplify romantic love.

If you wish to bring a sparkle and zing to your close encounters, the deeper colored pink stones may be the most helpful. 

The addition of the color white helps to calm and soothe the passion to some degree, by bringing gentle loving affection, joy and kindness into the mix.

One of the stones that is a potent crystal for love is pink Tugtupite as it is known for its action to stimulate deep intense love.

These stones come from Greenland, and the Inuit people speak of how it may intensify libido. When it is held by lovers it is said to glow fiery red from the heat of their passion.

It has a powerful energy, so is an ideal stone to choose, but there are a number of other pink crystals that are known as love stones that may also be beneficial to enhance romantic encounters.

This includes RhodonitePink Tourmaline, Peruvian Pink Opal, Mangano Calcite, Thulite and crystals of Rose Quartz and the pink beryl known as Morganite.

How Will They Help You? Emotional Healing 

Most pink crystals aid emotional intelligence by assisting you to recognize the meaning behind emotions and feelings that are surfacing at any time.

They help you to have a better understanding of the meaning that is behind these feelings and to maintain control of your reactions to what is happening.

Many pink stones have a strong energy to aid emotional healing as they calm your energy and assist with the release of negative energy.

If you need help with emotional healing many of the pink heart chakra stones will assist you by releasing negative emotions and increasing positive energy.

These pink crystals also have an excellent energy that helps to calm the intensity of your responses to difficult situations and bring inner peace and harmony.

There are a number of crystals that are powerful to assist the healing of emotional trauma and may also calm you when your life is not going as planned.

Some of the crystals here are also mentioned in other sections of course there are listed here to remind you of their powerful emotional healing properties.

This includes Strawberry Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Peruvian Pink Opal, Danburite, Rhodochrosite, Petalite, Cobaltian Calcite, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz stone. 

Pink Crystals to Enhance Self Love

There are quite a few pink crystals that have a beautiful vibration that helps you to remember that in order to open your heart to someone else you must first truly love yourself.

By completely and totally, allowing loving feelings to fill your entire being, you may discover that you can release any negative energy that is holding you back.

Be open to the flow of perfect Spiritual energy within you to heal anything holding back your love for yourself.

Embrace the feelings of the emotional love of self, and be open to allowing yourself to heal past experiences that may have prevented you from accepting yourself.

If you find this difficult, read about healing the inner child and do a specific meditation to assist you to heal past pain and to release issues from your past.

The gorgeous Rhodochrosite, is also called The Stone Of Compassion as it is one of the foremost crystals for self love.

The crystal meaning and energy of the beautiful pink Rhodochrosite stone encourages you to gently accept yourself and compassionately allow yourself to be open to self love.

There are a number of other crystals that may cause an abundance of love to flow within your heart center.

Many of the pink crystals have a powerful love energy but there are some pink stones that particularly help to encourage love for self.

The crystals for self love includes Kunzite, Peruvian Pink Opal, Strawberry Quartz, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Cobaltian Calcite and Kutnohorite.

Connecting With Angels

There are a number of pink stones that are helpful to use in meditation to connect with angels, including with your guardian angel.

Read more about the crystals that aid you to connect with angels in this article.

This includes Pink Morganite, Peruvian Pink Opal, Mangano Calcite, Petalite, Pink Smithsonite and Clinozoisite.

Pink Crystals That Relieve Stress

Stress in so widespread these days and many of you might be stressed because of changes in the world that have made life quite challenging.

Whether you know you are stressed or not, it can help you to keep one of the crystals for stress on your body or close by to help to calm you.

In the article about crystals for stress there are other colored stones listed that can also be used but there are some lovely pink stones in this group as well.

Some of the stones that will ease stress contain the mineral lithium, which is well known to soothe anxiety, tension and stress.

This includes Pink Tourmaline, Eucryptite, Kunzite, Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz.

In addition there are other pink stones that are good for stress relief, including Peruvian Pink Opal, Kutnohorite, Bustamite, Rhodonite, Danburite and Tugtupite.

Pink Crystals To Aid Grief and Loss

You may find it beneficial to use specific pink colored crystals to help you when you are going through a time of grief and loss.

While there are other colored crystals that can help you to cope with grieving and loss, these pink stones may be particularly helpful to support you emotionally at  times of loss.

The use of Pink Rose Quartz at this time is known to be especially helpful as they may assist you when painful memories come up that you find hard to bear.

There are Rose Quartz benefits to assist you emotionally at this time and additionally there are quite a few other pink crystals that may aid you.

Pink stones that are helpful when you are undergoing grief, includes Morganite Mangano Calcite, Cobaltian Calcite, Strawberry Quartz, Pink Danburite, Pink Datolite and Tugtupite.

Pink Healing Crystals: Healing Properties

The pink crystals have some excellent healing properties and a good action within the physical body especially within the organs in the area of the heart chakra.

They are used in crystal healing to assist issues related to the physical heart and to release negative emotions creating tension and anxiety. 

They are said to be great tools to use to help any of the organs in the region governed by the heart chakra, through their action to clear stagnant energy.

The pink stones are purported to help high blood pressure, blood circulation, the circulatory system in general and the nervous system.

The higher heart chakra stones in particular are known as beneficial healing stones for the immune system.

There are a large number of pink stones that can be used by crystals healers, and many of these have powerful properties for healing.

You may find it beneficial to read through the individual pages about the pink stones which are listed, to help you to learn more about how each of them will help you.

Pink crystals that are good healing stones include many of the stones that have already been discussed in other sections.

This includes Mangano Calcite, Rhodonite, Peruvian Pink Opal, Lithium Quartz,  Pink Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Pink Fluorite, Tugtupite, Thulite, Pink Barite, Kunzite, Phosphosiderite, Pink Smithsonite, Pink Lepidolite, Morganite and Pink Botswana Agate.

How To Use Them: Wear Pink Gemstones

There are many beautiful pink gemstones that are fairly easy to find made into beautiful gemstone jewelry.

Wearing crystals of any crystal color on your body is an effective way to use them, and wearing jewelry made from your chosen stone can be beneficial.

It's easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, if you can't get jewelry made from your chosen stone. 

It is advantageous to keep your chosen stone within your auric field as long as possible in order for its energy to benefit you.

If you are using a stone for love, you might want to keep it on your bedside, or close by at night.