Best Crystals to Balance Root Chakra

by yujianghao on Sep 04, 2023

The Best Crystals for Your Root Chakra : 

The Root Chakra is the foundation where we establish our stability and our connection to the physical world. When you feel ungrounded, this could signal an imbalance in this chakra. In times like these, you may be in need of some help to bring you back into balance. Crystals are a natural way to bring back your center and give you the feeling of being centered and grounded again.
As you advance in life and gain more self-progress, you realize that life's positives come with adverse effects. Most of us find ourselves too busy to stop, take a breath, and think about taking care of our inner self. And even if you do that, it is often directed towards your outer body only. Because of so many obligations, deadlines, and disturbances in our lives, we often limit making deliberate efforts to find inner peace and security.
But in fact, mental exhaustion becomes more consuming when ignored and eventually costs a lot of time and energy. Now a lot of attention, through the media primarily, is being directed towards the importance of self-love and self-care. People are being encouraged and promoted to focus on what is happening inside their minds and hearts and handle anything that takes a toll on their inner peace.

You can practice self-care in several ways, and energy healing is one of them. It is an alternative practice that doesn't require the consumption of any external products. The body is viewed as an 'energy field,' and self-care means to re-balance the body's energies to restore health. The subject of energy healing is based on the principle of chakras and their role in the body's energy flow. The prime objective is to unblock the blocked chakras and keep them open.
Before we dive deep into the study of crystals that impact the chakras, we need to know what chakras are and how they influence the physical and emotional well-being of a person? Chakra is a word taken from the Sanskrit language, meaning wheel. They are described as wheels of free-flowing energy in the body. To keep the chakras open or balanced means that positive energy can flow through them to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.
Seven chakras run along the spine, with the Muladhara, or root chakra, being the foundation and sense of security. It sits at the spine's base in the human body, giving the feeling of being well-grounded, secure, and fit to survive. A blocked root chakra makes you feel threatened. Hence it's mandatory to unblock it and keep it open to feel confident to withstand challenges in life. When we adopt poor dietary habits causing insufficient energy intake, we misbalance our inner chakras resulting in unhealthy physical and mental conditions.
Other than yoga and meditation, healing crystals are a popular tool for taking care of your chakras. Several crystals help turn on, cleanse, and stabilize the root chakra. The following best crystals for healing the root chakra can be as simple as placing them on your lower back. These healing crystals dictate your survival instincts and are hence denoted with the color red.
  1. Jasper
As the Root Chakra is the basis of spiritual energies, it's essential to keep it open and balanced. It carries a spiritually grounding, life force energy that will guarantee you remain connected with your authentic power. It will assist your meditation and other spiritual exercises. Red Jasper, the Stone of Endurance and Vibrancy, is your go-to crystal for activating the Root Chakra. It is earthy and vibrant in hue; Red Jasper is an immensely nurturing stone that knows how to clear the blockage of root chakra right out. This rich healing stone is all fierce energy and warm fire. This healing crystal ignites life back into your chi while heightening your motivation. 
Red Jasper is the perfect crystal when unblocking Root Chakra, giving the right amount of confidence to deal with life's challenges. It is rightly called the stone of endurance since it raises motivation levels and helps you overcome obstacles and challenges of life bravely and confidently. Red Jasper does the magic by granting you the confidence and inner strength to take your life by the horns. The Red Jasper stone lifts your vitality, binds you to your real power, and can shake up your enthusiasm. This vibrant gem sits up your kundalini serpent too. Red jasper is also beneficial for arousing the Kundalini energy.
2.      Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz has a deep relationship with the earth and carries that distinctive quartz family energy as a massive amplifier and messenger to the universe. This strong connection with the earth makes Smoky Quartz a powerful healing crystal for knocking down and transforming negative energies into favorable energies, this can help with any root chakra imbalance.  From tip to toe, this fantastic healing crystal shimmers with sheer magic and silver mists. Smoky Quartz balances and unblocks the Root Chakra like none other. 
Individuals learn to let go of situations that make them feel bad about themselves and don't serve any good. It helps you to see the pathways you want to take. This crystal's peaceful energy dissolves and unlocks emotional blockages that upset the Root Chakra. Smoky Quartz is just like a deep breath, healing and creating balance deep from within. The result is a reduction in mistrust, anger, and other negative emotions that hold you back from surviving crises. Smoky Quartz's adaptable healing energy magically re-aligns the Root Chakra, so you can let go of trivial matters. Keep it with you, and it will authorize you to be more consciously present.
hematite crystal
3.           Hematite
Hematite is a bright silvery crystal found in Italy, Canada, Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Brazil. A gleaming rugged stone of Hematite is all about counteracting the negative emotions. Hematite is the most effective Root Chakra healing crystal for converting the negative state into positivity. This stone borrows energy from your aura. It filters the negativity through your Root Chakra until you are back in harmony again, making it a practical sweeper of the Root Chakra. This crystal reduces anxiety and keeps you rooted in reality by creating a reasonable distance between drama and you. 
Keep it, and you will naturally feel secure as its luster will keep reflecting the negative energies to the sender; if you are among those who let your mind run away like a wild horse over the hills, Hematite centers you back in the present. It is a great facilitator to remind you to live in the moment and not the moment you believe you are in. You may not realize that you disturb the peace of your Root Chakra because of your overspending, cravings, and over-indulgences, like smoking. 
Hematite has an incredible power to help you resist bad habits by nurturing your willpower, courage, and survival instincts. This crystal helps you master your mind before your mind masters you. That's why it's called The Stone for the Mind. In addition, it helps develop logical thinking. This will assist with decision-making, particularly in business and finances.
 4.               Tourmaline
Black tourmaline is an empowering healing crystal found in the USA, Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, Sri Lanka. It heals your imbalanced Root Chakra while boosting your sense of safety. It's the most reliable crystal you should choose for protection. It's the best for transmitting and repelling lower energetic and negative frequencies. Black Tourmaline is shaded as dark as night and all protective and concealing like night. It unblocks powerful Root Chakra energy and promotes happiness, a more positive attitude, and good luck. 
It can deeply heal your shattered sense of safety and helps you to feel thoroughly protected from anything that may harm you. Black Tourmaline is known for converting negative energy into positive by unblocking your Root Chakra. It cleans up anxiety, depression, and general despair while providing favorable support for the adrenal glands. You can keep Black Tourmaline in your pocket as a personal bodyguard that envelops you in a metaphysical force field, saving you from negativity from affecting you. It protects against accidents, misfortune, and ill-health. Keep it and feel safe.
5.               Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian is a power-pack of raw energy. Its earthly spirit is meant to bring the Root Chakra back to balance and harmony. It undoubtedly carries the forces of nature. This deliciously dark stone naturally protects you and makes you feel secure. This shiny dark gem is believed to have a mirror-like personality, showing you the truth of your soul. It will prove to be your gorgeous grounding companion. 
It is bound to help you see through falsity and guide you to start your journey in the light of wisdom, knowledge, and authenticity. Black Obsidian will help you trust your instincts, making your Root Chakra feel healthier and empowered. It will make you feel more equipped, more confident to deal with life. Jet Black Obsidian fades old traumas, veers you away from invisible psychic attacks, and leads your way towards higher living while keeping your roots deep.