Birthstones: Which crystal is the right one for you?

by yujianghao on Aug 30, 2023

Birthstones: Which crystal is the right one for you?

Just like the seasons, planets, and zodiac signs, each month, has its own energy/vibration and of course, a specific crystal associated with it. 


When we are born, our entire being absorbs this vibration, and we become impregnated with its energy. This means we have a special connection with it, forever. Having our birthstone around can help us channel that vibration, heal, manifest, and make everything in our lives flow well. 


But which one is yours? Let’s dive deep into each birthstone:


January - Rose Quartz


january birthstone



Having Rose Quarts as your birthstone means you can master all the matters of the heart! Because it emits a powerful and nurturing vibration, this crystal can help you boost your self-love and improve your relationships (friendship, romance, work, etc). Rose Quartz is connected to your Heart Chakra so use it during your morning meditation to connect with it and attract joy into your life. Rose Quartz also provides a sense of calmness so use it to disperse negative energies.


February - Amethyst


February  birthstone



Having Amethyst as your birthstone means if you work with it, you can improve your intuition, enhance your ability to trust and work on your spirituality. Amethyst is connected to the Third-Eye and Crown Chakra so, it will also help you purify your mind, clearly communicate your thoughts and needs, and enhance your creativity. Commonly used for protection, this purple crystal can also be used to ease stress and anxiety, so place it around your house to stimulate feelings of relaxation. 


March - Jade


March - Jade



Having Jade as your birthstone means you can use it to enhance your wisdom, success, and wealth. Jade is connected to your Heart Chakra, so it can help you stabilize your emotional responses when encountering difficult situations. Due to its ability to deliver prosperity and abundance, it can be used as your good-luck charm or talisman. This stone also provides protection, so keep it close when feeling unease. Be sure to use it during meditation, specifically placing it above your heart can improve your well-being.  


April - Clear quartz



Having Clear quartz as your birthstone means if you work closely with it, you’ll have the ability to see clearly, focus, and visualize what you want. This crystal is both calming and grounding, so it is a great companion for your meditation practice. Associated with the Crown Chakra, Clear quartz will help expand your consciousness. Because of its healing properties, it can also be used to work with all other chakras. Since it can ease the mind, use it whenever you need guidance.


May - Rhodonite


May - Rhodonite


Having Rhodonite as your birthstone means you can use it to help you work on forgiveness, love, and emotional healing. Because it is connected to the Heart Chakra, Rhodonite can be used to stimulate empathy, compassion, and emotional well-being. This powerful crystal will help you transform anxiety, fear, and anger into calmness, happiness, and self-worth. Wear it close to your heart to use as a catalyst for love, peace, and sensuality.


June - Agate




Having Agate as your birthstone means using it will provide stability, protection, and emotional security. Because it’s connected to the Heart Chakra, it’s perfect to help you release tension in both your heart and your throat. Agate will help you clear negative thoughts, unblock your emotional centers and help you find your voice. Agate can also be used to work on your inner peace and invoke a sense of calmness. This powerful crystal works wonderfully as a protective talisman, so make sure you carry it with you at all times. 


July - Onyx




Having Onyx as your birthstone means you will always feel protected, calmed, and ready to release the things that no longer serve you when working with it. Because it is associated with the Root, Solar Plexus and Third-Eye Chakras, it is can be used as a protective stone when facing adversities and uncertainty. Onyx also provides courage and eliminates confusion, so use it when you need an extra confidence boost.


August - Carnelian



August - Carnelian



Having Carnelian as your birthstone means this crystal will become your ally when you need motivation, endurance, or to step into your leadership. Because it is connected to the Sacral Chakra, this stone releases vibrant energy and sends it throughout the body when facing difficult tasks. Carnelian can also help overcome stage fright, so use it whenever you are in the spotlight. Carnelian has the ability to transfer confidence and courage into your body, so use it to boost your ability to become bold and eloquent. 


September - Aventurine



Having Aventurine as your birthstone means you will have good fortune, opportunities, and confidence when working with it. Because it is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, it can boost your vitality. Aventurine is considered one of the luckiest gemstones in the world, so use it to manifest your dreams and goals. Besides bringing good luck, this gemstone can also help you deepen your spirituality and balance your emotional body. Include Aventurine into your daily rituals to invite good luck and prosperity into your life. 


October - Tourmaline




Having Tourmaline as your birthstone gives you the ability to easily cleanse, ground, and protect your energy at any time. Because tourmaline emits protective energy, carry it around during difficult circumstances. Use Tourmaline to heal both your mental and physical bodies. Use this crystal when you need to concentrate and get rid of all distractions. Place it around your spaces to protect yourself from energy vampires. Using it during meditation will allow you to keep yourself tied to the physical plane while exploring other realms. 


November - Citrine



November - Citrine



Having Citrine as your birthstone means you can use this crystal to bring joy, creativity, and abundance into your life with ease. Because it is connected to the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras, this powerful crystal channels positivity, creativity, and light. A preferred stone for manifestation, it is used to attract wealth and prosperity. Citrine can also amplify your intellectual acuity and maximize your creative energy.


December - Turquoise 


Having Turquoise as your birthstone means you can enhance your health and wisdom all while protecting all of your energetic bodies. This crystal is connected to all chakras, this means it can help you restore the natural balance of your energetic centers. Turquoise has the ability to lift your spirit and promote an energizing feeling of well-being. Holding a Turquoise in your hand will allow you to listen to your inner truth, helping you realign your focus and intentions to those of your higher self.


There you go! Now you know which is the right crystal for you!


There are many different lists available online, this is the one we’ve created based on what feels more aligned to us. Please remember, if this does not resonate with you, you can always trust your gut, she will guide you to the right crystal for you!