Can I Use These Crystals Together? Thoughts on Crystal Compatability

by yujianghao on Sep 06, 2023

Can I Use These Crystals Together? Thoughts on Crystal Compatability

Ever had a moment of panic because someone told you not to use two specific types of crystals together? 

Or maybe you’ve read somewhere that certain crystals just aren’t compatible?

I’m here to tell you that this isn’t true.

Let’s take a look at why ALL crystals ARE, in fact, compatible with one another, as well as the one important exception to this.

When it comes to energy work, it’s time to reframe our normal perspective of what we think we know about energy.

We need to be grounded and have a foot in the physical, ‘rational’ side of energy work — and yes that is important.

But we also need to allow ourselves to be more fluid in our thinking, more flexible in our view of what’s possible, and put one foot into the realm of the mystical.

We need to step outside of our usual way of thinking and put one foot in each world.

Of course, we need to accept the way energy works in terms of time and space when it comes to operating in our normal day-to-day lives. But when we step into the space of doing healing work, we’re opening ourselves to a space where we need to be less rigid in our understanding and allow for a little bit of mystery. 

When we think about the fact that all crystals have formed together here on this Earth, in this universe, then we realize that they MUST be compatible. So ultimately, when someone says two stones don’t go together, it doesn’t make much sense.

If they both formed here on Earth, and we can step into a more fluid and mystical way of thinking about energy in terms of time and space, then what’s the difference between them being together here on Earth vs. together in our homes or in our healing spaces?

True, some stones form on completely opposite ends of the globe and wouldn’t normally be found together.

But when we look at the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (our space) through a different lens than we’re used to, distance no longer feels like a barrier to energy.

Looking through this slightly different lens, it feels like all stones must be compatible in one way or another.

And truly, since working with crystals depends mostly upon our intention for using them, if our intention is to work with them together in a supportive way, then they must be energetically compatible.

This brings me to the one exception to crystal compatibility. Just as our intention can allow us to overcome any potential energetic compatibility issues, it can also create them.

For example, if you were working with two stones, and you had completely different (and conflicting) reasons for working with them, then they may not be compatible with one another for the work you’re currently doing.

Let’s say you were working with a Citrine crystal for energizing, but you were also working with Howlite to help create a restful environment for sleep, and you brought both of these stones into your bedroom, and placed them on your bedside table before going to sleep.

Even if these stones were compatible under other circumstances (again…based on your intention), in THIS scenario, the intentions you’ve set for each stone are in direct conflict – one crystal for energizing and one crystal for rest. So in this situation, the crystals wouldn’t be compatible.

But that doesn’t have to do with the stones themselves, it has to do with the WAY in which the stones are being used — it’s the intention behind working with them that causes the conflict, not their inherent energies.

So, if someone tells you that two crystals shouldn’t be used together, it may or may not be accurate, depending upon HOW they’re being worked with.

From my experience, the most important thing you can do when working with your stones is to just do what feels most natural, be open to the experience, and reflect on how it went. If you find from your own experience with your crystals that there are two stones that you prefer not to use together, then go with that, but let it be YOUR experience that guides you rather than following strict rules and blanket statements and specific stones.