Crystals and Colors: How to Understand the Power Behind Each One.

by yujianghao on Aug 30, 2023

Crystals and Colors: How to Understand the Power Behind Each One

Crystals and colors: How to understand the power behind each one.


When you’re new to crystals, you may think that all they do is look pretty. But crystals have powerful healing properties and when you understand how they work, you’ll learn how to choose the ones that will give you the best results! 


We are profoundly influenced by the colors around us physically, emotionally, and sure enough, energetically as well. So, you can bet this also applies to crystals.


Let’s take a look at the meaning behind each color, so you can choose the right one for you:



Red. This is a very intense color. If you’ve been struggling with low energy, feel demotivated, or insecure, red is the right color of crystal for you! The color red naturally stimulates both your body and mind because it is connected to your root chakra, so most red crystals will make you feel independent and empowered. Red-looking crystals can also help you with matters like passion, vitality, stamina, and stability. On a physical level, they can help with period problems, speed up your metabolism and raise your enthusiasm. Here are some of our favorite red crystals: Red HematiteRed Jasper, Red Tigers Eye, Red Garnet, Red Jade, Red Agate, and Red Calcite.



crystals and color meaning



Orange: Orange is a high-vibrational color. This means it will naturally boost your energy! If you’ve been lacking inspiration, feel like your brains running a bit slow, or have been experiencing difficulties breathing, then orange is the right color of crystal for you. Orange is connected to our Sacral chakra, located just above the navel. Orange-looking crystals can help you with all things acceptance, well-being, and pleasure. It can also help you with family issues, lower back, and/or sexual problems. Here are some of our favorite orange crystals: Carnelian, Orange Aventurine, Orange Apatite, Fire Opal, Peach Moonstone, and Aragonite.

crystals and color meaning


Yellow. The universal color for positivity! Yellow-colored crystals can help you get rid of low vibration energies like sadness, depression, and negative self-talk. If you’ve been feeling self-conscious, sad, or depressed, yellow is the right color for you. Yellow is also the color linked to our solar plexus, located at the base of our ribcage. Yellow-looking crystals can help you with all things confidence, self-worth, and self-control. They can also help you with any problems in your spleen, gallbladder, and self-esteem. Here are some of our favorite yellow crystals: CitrineYellow Agate, Amber, Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Tigers Eye, Topaz, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Jade, and Yellow Apatite. 


crystals and color meaning


Green. Green is a soothing color. Because it is so serene, it is associated with positive well-being. Green is also the color of nature, which is our home and immediate source of energy. Green is also the color of our heart chakra, located in the center of our chest. If you’ve been feeling anxious, burnt-out, or on edge, Green is the right color for you! Green-looking crystals with help you with all things love joy and inner peace. It can also help you with lung issues, financial problems, and growth. Here are some of our favorite green crystals: AmazoniteGreen Aventurine, Green Calcite, Green Fluorite, Malachite, Peridot, Green Tourmaline, Green Jade, and Moss Agate.





Blue. Blue is a naturally calming color. Because of its naturally soothing properties, this color is used to reduce inflammation, ease pain and invite relaxation. Blue is the color of our Throat Chakra, located right at the base of our throat. Blue-looking crystals can stimulate your communication skills and will boost your ability to express yourself. If you’ve been having problems communicating your needs, have been swallowing your feelings, or simply feel like you are not being heard, blue is the right color for you! It can also aid your thyroid problems, dental issues, and listening problems. Here are some of our favorite blue crystals: Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Blue Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Sodalite, and Labradorite.





Purple. The color of spirituality. This deeply beautiful color is known for calming your body’s nervous system, aiding sleep, and awakening your intuition. If you’ve been feeling lost, disconnected, and second-guessing every move you make, purple is the right color for you! Because it is such a magical color, Purple is linked to our Third Eye. Purple-looking crystals will help you with all things intuition, decision-making, and alignment. It can also help you heal migraines, headaches, and eye problems. Here are some of our favorite purple crystals: Purple Agate, AmethystPurple Fluorite, Purple Calcite, and Lavender Jade. 


crystals and color meaning


Pink. Pink is a nurturing color as it provides balance and harmony. If you’ve been feeling out of love, very emotional, and overwhelmed, pink is your color! Pink is not necessarily associated with a specific Chakra but it is the color of unconditional love, so it can help heal all of them. Pink-looking crystals will help you with all things compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and love. Here are some of our favorite pink crystals: Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Pink Fluorite, Pink Amethyst, and Pink Tourmaline. 



White. White is the color associated with purity, clarity, and harmony. White elevates the vibration of both your consciousness and your body, fostering balance and harmony. Because white is a combination of all colors, white crystals are considered master crystals. White-colored crystals will help you with all things new beginnings, peace, and connection to higher realms. Here are some of our favorite white crystals: White Agate, Opal, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, White Calcite, and White Jade. 



Black. Black is a grounding color. If you’ve been feeling unsure, afraid of the unknown, and want to get rid of blockages, black is the right color for you. Black-colored crystals are elegant, magical, and captivating. Black-colored crystals are best used for all things protection and grounding. From electromagnetic waves to negativity, these crystals will remove all the negativity in your life. Especially useful if you’re dealing with old traumas, shadow work, and issues in your community. Here are some of our favorite black crystals: Black Jasper, Onyx, Black TourmalineHematite, Obsidian, and Black Kyanite.



As you can see, the color of your crystal can tell you a lot about its healing powers. However, if you have a specific requirement, you can also read more about each crystal and its properties on our crystal index card deck.