Crystals For Pain Relief:Stones To Use To Ease Pain

by yujianghao on Sep 12, 2023

 Crystals For Pain Relief:Stones To Use To Ease Pain

Using crystals for pain relief may help you if you have pain and if you sense that your current treatment isn't doing enough.

If you feel you need more help, using specific crystals or stones to assist you to deal with your pain may be helpful.

The healing power of crystals is now becoming more well known as having crystals or stones nearby can stimulate the body’s energy system and boost healing.

Alternative medicine is no longer uncommon, and more and more people are using specific pieces of stone to help them to deal with their health issues.

The use of crystal healing is now one of the alternative therapies that is becoming more widely recognized.

There are a number of excellent crystals that help the pain related to chronic pain from physical ailments you may have.

The twenty seven crystals listed below are the best and most powerful stones for pain but there are also others that are mentioned that can assist you when you are in distress.

Crystals For Pain: Meaning Of Pain

People who are feeling extreme discomfort or distress say they are in pain, and of course they are. So we'll look at: what is pain... so we know what we are discussing. 

Let's start with the definition of pain from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

  • a localized or generalized unpleasant bodily sensation of complex sensations that causes mild to severe physical discomfort and emotional distress and typically results from bodily disorder (such as injury or disease).

Most people who are talking about pain are thinking about extreme physical discomfort that affects the physical body and may be caused by various injuries or diseases.

While most pain is physical pain it can of course also be emotionally draining and quite stressful, especially when you have pain and cannot find a way to stop it.

There are a number of powerful stones on the list below and most of the crystals for pain were chosen for the way they are known to aid physical healing.

In addition some crystals that aid emotional healing are included, as they can assist the release of negative emotions that might be aggravating the ability to heal physical issues.

Crystals For Pain: Issues That Cause Pain

Many of the healing stones on the list below are well known as they have strong metaphysical properties to assist particular areas of the body.

The most well known health issues that cause pain includes:

  • Chronic back pain and related muscle cramps and lower back pain in particular affects many people.
  • Knee pain is very common and is the most well known type of joint pain that many people experience.
  • Pain from an injury associated with an accident is common, and may affect many different areas of the body.
  • Another painful issue that affects most people at some time are headaches and this is one of the most common types of pain. 
  • Migraine headaches are different to normal headaches and can be quite distressing and debilitating.
  • Arthritis pain is also hard to deal with, so if this is what is bothering you finding an alternative healing method such as using crystals to alleviate your pain may be beneficial.
  • Those who have chronic conditions such as gout, caused by the build-up of uric acid in joints, may also be searching for an alternative to taking chemical pain relievers. 

Modern life and an improper diet can also cause major problems that can be very painful.

Using crystals for pain relief for chronic illnesses is simple to do and are an easy method of energy healing that can be used in combination with conventional medical treatment or even with traditional chinese medicine.

Crystal healing may be beneficial to help your overall healing and your pain, so it may be worth giving it a go, as it's easy to do.

If you are having treatment with a reiki practitioner or other energy healer, you might also notice that they may keep powerful healing crystals in their treatment rooms.

Use Of Crystals For Pain Relief

Many crystals for pain have a role to block or reduce pain.

Removing energy blockages that may be preventing the free flow of healing vibrations within the body close to the area of pain can be very helpful.

There are also a large number of anti inflammatory crystals and stones that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help the body to heal more quickly.

Using crystals as a part of the healing process can boost how quickly you heal, as they can help to release negative emotions that are holding back your recovery.

While most of the crystals for pain relief aid physical pain, you may also find it helpful to use crystals for emotional healing to assist you to cope with the pain.

Checkout the section below for some of the well known stones that help you to keep going, especially when emotional pain related to an inability to deal with physical pain is affecting you badly.

How Can Crystals For Pain Help You?

The list below of crystals for pain relief comprises the most well-known and stones to use if you have pain and need extra help.

Crystal healing does not have to be used alone and it is important that you continue to follow medical advice you have been given.

Crystals can be used by anyone, and while the application of crystals is part of what is called alternative medicine, they can of course be combined with other treatment, including using it with essential oils.

Simply having one of these powerful stones nearby, within your energy field, is a powerful way to boost how you feel.

In the section below you can learn the healing properties of each of the stones for pain, and why they are effective pain relievers.

Using them as a part of the healing process can boost how quickly you heal, as they can also help to release negative emotions.

List Of The Most Effective Crystals For Pain Relief

There is more information below about the most well-known and effective crystals that are known to help to relieve pain affecting the physical body.

They are all very effective crystals for pain, and there is information about each of the stones below.

There is a mind-body connection when you are dealing with pain, so you may find that crystals for emotional healing may help you to cope with pain more easily.

Many of the items on the list of crystals below have an in-depth page, so to learn more simply click on the link below any image to discover more.

There are a number of powerful crystals for pain on the list below and all of them were chosen for the way they can aid both emotional and physical healing.

Many of the healing stones on the list are well known as they have strong metaphysical properties to assist particular areas of the body.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is most well known for its powerful action to protect you from negative energy and it is also a potent psychic protection and EMF protection crystal.

These metaphysical properties are well known, but not everyone is aware that these black crystals also have a strong action to bring relief from muscle pain.

They are also known for their action to help the pain of arthritis, and that they can also aid pain in the spine.

It is one of the most effective crystals for pain relief so is high on the list as it is just so powerful to aid your healing in many ways, including to ease pain.

These crystals are also known to boost the immune system and may aid problems related to your adrenal glands.

When the adrenal glands are not working as they should, you may find that your energy levels seem to drop and you can feel weak and depleted.

It is not only a stone of protection, but it is also a strong grounding stone and it aids the healing of a number of other health problems.

These black crystals are unusual in that they transmute or change negative energies into positive energy, so this is quite a unique way that it can benefit you.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz crystals are well known, but perhaps you hadn't thought of its role as one of the crystals for pain relief?

Many of you will have one of these pink crystals, as they are well known for their action to increase loving energy in the location where they are situated.

But they are also excellent crystals for emotional healing, and by helping you to release emotional pain it can assist your overall healing.

When most of you are experiencing any sort of pain it can create negative emotions that can be quite stressful and emotionally draining.

These pink crystals have a strong energy to tone down your emotional response to the pain you are suffering, so that you can cope better.

They have many excellent healing properties to aid the circulatory system, and are said to improve blood circulation.

Rose Quartz are strong stones to assist self love and are a powerful stone to assist anxiety and stress which are common health issues in modern life that can make pain worse.

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli has been in use since ancient times and its action to assist pain has been well known for a very long time.

It has been in use for thousands of years, and it is one of the most effective crystals for pain relief and is one of the foremost crystals for inflammation.

In particular it is beneficial to assist the pain that accompanies inflammatory conditions as well as having a good healing action to help migraine headaches.

This powerful crystal is also said to boost the immune system, the respiratory system and the nervous system and may help stress and anxiety.

They also help you to let go of anger and this may be helpful if you are still feeling frustrated about any issues related to the cause of your pain.

These blue crystals are excellent third eye chakra crystals that may heighten psychic abilities, and their energy flow also helps to boost your personal power.

They are good healing crystals that aid your physical health and they also have strong metaphysical properties.

Lapis Lazuli crystals may also boost your intuition and assist you to make a better connection with angelic beings.

Purple Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst are well known purple crystals which many of you may have in your home as they are one of the most popular quartz crystal varieties.

Did you know that Amethyst is the foremost stone for violet flame healing?

This may be why it is one of the favorite crystals of many people, even if they aren't aware of it why they love it so much.Violet flame healing can assist a number of health issues including helping to relieve pain in various areas of the body. 

Amethyst stone is one of the leading crystals for pain relief as it is a natural tranquilizer that helps to relieve many types of pain.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is one of the most helpful crystals for pain relief and it will help a number of different types of pain.

It is well known for its action to assist pain from problems in the bones and in the joints and may also assist muscular pain.

They are helpful crystals to relieve headaches and may assist you to sleep better and in addition may aid you to recall your dreams when you wake up.

The vibration of this stone is unusual in that it is said to absorb energy, filter it and then take it back to where it came from.

It is also a good crystal for writers who have writers block, and it is also known to stimulate psychic gifts and intuition.

It can boost mental telepathy and clairvoyance or psychic visions as it is a strong psychic communication stone.

Blue Calcite is also an excellent crystal for communication as it strongly stimulates the throat chakra.

Jet Stone

Jet Stone is well known for its role to help grief as it has a quite emotionally supportive energy.

It is one of well known crystals to assist emotional healing and this is also part of its role as one of the crystals for pain relief.

It helps you to not only deal with physical pain, but also helps the emotional issues related to it. 

Its energy is particularly helpful for women as it helps problems in the lower abdomen such as menstrual cramps and may alleviate related pain.

It is also beneficial for woman in childbirth to use, as it helps labor pains as well as soothing muscle pain.

It's action to help muscle pain is not only beneficial for women but may help anyone suffering from pain in the muscles.

It is also known to be a great crystal for migraine headaches. 

The healing vibration of Jet also relates to its strong grounding action, as it takes negative energy down to the earth to be released.


Fluorite is known as one of the most beneficial crystals for pain relief as it is recognized for its role to reduce pain and can help you in quite a few respects.

It has been well known for some time for its role to help pain related to rheumatism, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and spinal problems.

It has a good action within the heart chakra and this is helpful to assist emotional healing. 

Physical pain can create strong negative emotions that need clearing in order for you to heal. 

There are quite a few colors of Fluorite and some have a stronger action than others to assist pain relief. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer and they are one of the foremost healing crystals as they embody high vibrations that assist any type of health problem.

They are beneficial crystals for pain relief and may be particularly useful to utilize if you have been suffering with migraines.

They help to boost your life force energy, by assisting the removal of any negative energy from your auric field.

Clear quartz is an ideal stone to have close to you as it is known to be a great help to assist any physical problems within your energy field.

One of its properties that makes it so powerful is the fact that you can program it with positive affirmations to assist your healing.

They are a powerful stone that is commonly used for crystal healing and may be combined with other strong quartz crystals to bring overall or general pain relief.

Crystal Wands

Clear quartz crystal wands have a powerful energy to assist pain and are known to be some of the most potent crystals for pain relief.

Both man-made wands and naturally occuring wands are powerful for healing, and the wands called vogels are well known tools for crystals healers to use.

Natural wand shaped pieces of crystal are also powerful for healing.

Clear quartz often naturally occurs in a wand shape, like the one shown above which has 2 terminations or points, one on each end, and is known as double terminated quartz.

Many pieces of quartz naturally occur double terminated, with a point on each end, and are powerful crystals to release pain from the body.

Before using your wand for this purpose, make a connection with Spirit and with the energy of the wand and ask for its help.

The easiest ways to use these crystals for pain relief is to position the tip of the wand about an inch or approximately two cms above the painful spot.

Place the termination or point in line with the painful area then move it in a spiral or circular pattern, allowing yourself to be aware of its action to ease the pain.

Check out the article about using crystal wands if you are wondering about what crystal wands are and want to know more about how they can be used to help pain.

Smokey Quartz

Smoky Quartz is another member of the quartz family that may assist your pain and this is primarily related to its action to release negative energy.

It is also well known for its strong action to boost grounding which may help you to feel better and it is also an excellent protection stone.

While Smoky Quartz is not one of the major crystals for pain, it has a good role in helping the body to release pain.

But in addition it is known to be powerful for anyone who is having radiation treatment for their medical condition.

If you wish to use it for this purpose, it may be advantageous to also program it with a helpful affirmation to assist you to deal with any related pain.


Kammererite is a chlorite rich stone and all stones containing chlorite are known as excellent healing stones.

These purple crystals are unique in that regard as most stones that contain chlorite are green colored.

These stones are excellent crystals for pain, and in particular are known to assist muscle problems as well as stiffness in your joints and muscles.

They are also beneficial crystals for aging as they assist you as you get older to let go of rigidity both in your physical body and in your way of thinking.

In addition they have some other good healing properties. They help to release any toxic build up in the body, as well as helping you to let go of toxic thinking.


Brucite comes in quite a few colors and all of them are advantageous crystals for pain, and will help the pain related to a number of different issues.

All colors of this stone are beneficial crystals for headaches and using them is also advantageous them when you have migraines.

They are also excellent healing stones to use to assist neuralgia and joint pain.

They are beneficial crystals to use when you have a broken bone as they will help to heal broken bones as well as helping to ease related pain.

While the yellow crystals are the most common, Brucite may also be pale green or pastel blue. 

hese stones have a number of excellent metaphysical properties that makes them a beneficial stone to use for this purpose.

They are a versatile stone that helps many types of pain and are known to help bruising, assist pain in the joints and enhance suppleness of the muscles.

Other ways Brucite can help you includes aiding decision making and helping you to set goals, and they may aid communication.


Dioptase embodies a strong green ray energy that is helpful for karmic healing of any type of issues that may be related to a past life.

They are not strong crystals for pain relief generally but they do have a good action to relieve headaches and migraines.

These green crystals are also known to assist the release of various type of pain in the body so may be helpful to assist you to let go of niggly pain that is worrying you.

Their energy within the higher heart chakra is powerful to help women in particular, and they are said to assist high blood pressure.

They have a good role within the heart area generally and is known to help to dissolve blockages and help to normalize blood flow in the body.

They are a good crystal for emotional healing which may be beneficial as often pain can create distress that can be hard to let go of.


Emerald Stones have a strong heart based energy and are well known for their action to increase loving energy, so are powerful to assist relationships. 

Many people are not aware that they are also good crystals for pain relief that  give relief from the discomfit related to muscle and joint afflictions.

Many people suffering pain feel quite stressed when suffering continues on a day to day basis and finding relief from your pain isn't always easy.

They are good crystals for patience which may be helpful if you need to wait for a specific treatment for your pain which is slow in coming.

These green crystals also assist you in a number of other ways and are known for their action to boost manifestation and bring increased wealth.

They increase emotional balance and are beneficial to use in meditation which may boost psychic gifts.

Emeralds also are known to ease stress and tension by calming the emotions and assisting the flow of positive energy.