Crystals To Sever Karmic Ties

by yujianghao on Sep 11, 2023

Crystals To Sever Karmic Ties

Which Stones Aid Cord Cutting?

Using crystals to sever karmic ties is quite simple to do. 

Learn a straightforward way to remove negative bonds, hooks or cords that may be connecting you and someone else.

While this can be a person with whom you have been in an intimate or romantic relationship, it can also apply to friendships and to family ties.

When hooks or ties are cut they can be reconnected, so you do not have to be concerned that you will cut the relationship completely.

Once the connecting cords are removed it may bring clarity to your thinking and allow you to understand more about the circumstances of your life.

Old cords may still be connected to people that you are no longer in a relationship with and even people who have passed away. By severing them, this may allow you to break free from the past.

There are a number of stones that assist you to release emotional hooks, and that are powerful to cut karmic ties as well.

The process to cut the ties or cords is useful to learn and can be done with or without crystals to help you.

Pictures Below: See pictures of stones below, which are the best and most powerful crystals to sever karmic ties and to cut cords connecting you to others.

There are a number of excellent stones on the list below and you can learn how to use them to cut or remove the hooks or cords.

What Is The Purpose Of Severing Ties?

Before you use the crystals to sever karmic ties you may want to think about the purpose of cutting these ties and learn more about how these ties are connected.

All of you may have been in a close relationship with someone else at some time.

Often this is a romantic connection where you form a quite close bond with the other person. This can also apply to friendships where you are closely connected by shared interests.

Sometimes these attachments can relate to a past life affiliation where there are karmic links that have brought you together in this life.

Alternatively you may form a close relationship with someone else where it is not related to a past life situation. 

When you are strongly attracted to someone else and form a deep romantic relationship and it's going well, you may create cords or hooks connecting you to each other.

In some cases one person sends the cord to the other, and in other cases both send ties to their partner.

These ties exist on the etheric spiritual level rather than in the physical world, and can be beneficial in many cases as they assist you to bond and this may be helpful if you have children.

These hooks can be advantageous and are often the reason why partners seem to know exactly what is happening to the other person before it occurs.

But when things go wrong in your relationship, these hooks or karmic ties are not always helpful.

These hooks or karmic ties can create situations where one partner wants to control the other person and uses the attached cords to do this.

Cutting Or Severing Karmic Ties Or Cords

If you are in a relationship where the other person wants to control you it may be made easier for them to do this, due to the karmic hooks that connect you both.

When you wish to break free from someone who is telling you how to live your life, you may need to free yourself from them by severing the cords or hooks.

Using crystals to sever karmic ties can be helpful but it can be done without them, its just that its advantageous to have the vibration of these stones to aid you.

There are no negative consequences because you can reconnect ties at any time, if you feel its desirable, and these ties can easily reconnect.

Note: you may need to do this process a few times if you want to permanently cut the ties between you.

Once you have used crystals to sever karmic ties and totally disconnected these cords you may find it easier to think about the circumstances of your life.

By cutting the cord that connects you, this can improve communication with the other person as you can gain awareness of events that these ties hid.

It is possible that in some cases these hooks are part of negative situation involving domestic violence.

If this follows a former loving relationship, you most probably created hooks to each other when you first got involved.

Be aware that this can also apply to friendships that have become damaged or negative and family ties that are difficult.

Once the relationship has gone bad it can be highly beneficial to learn to use crystals to sever karmic ties that may be connecting you, especially if there is a negative energy within the relationship.

Best Ways To Use Crystals To Sever Karmic Ties

How Do You Sever Cords or Karmic Ties Attaching You To Others?

If you want to cut cords that are connecting you energetically with someone else, start by attaining a state of relaxed inner awareness.

You do not want to go deeply into meditation, as you need to be aware and mindful of the process while doing this.

Hold one of the crystals to sever karmic ties in your hand, then close your eyes, as this allows you to more easily visualize the person or people from whom you wish to disconnect.

You can cut the cords connecting you to just one person at a time or you can sever the cords that are attached to a number of people at the same time.

Another way you can approach this is to simply call on Spirit, your guides or the angels to remove all ties that are attached to anyone else in this life or a past life.

Getting started: Instead of simply sinking into deep inner awareness, you do need to keep your thoughts open to doing the steps needed to cut the hooks or cords.

  • Step 1: start by holding the stone you are using at the solar plexus chakra, as this is where most cords may be strongly attached, within the network of nerves located in the stomach.

Note: If you are not sure where this chakra is located, read more on the page about the solar plexus chakra.

Step 2: imagine you can see the cord or cords attached there. You may like to see a very long cord or bunch of cords stretching out from you into the distance.

  • Step 3: visualize the cord or cords being gently removed. While you may find this works if you can still feel a cord connected to you, you may need to cut the cord.
  • Step 4: cord cutting methods include using a crystal with a sharp edge. You can visualize cutting the cord and then seeing it float away.
  • As it floats away, use you imagination to insert a barrier at the place where it came from, to prevent it being immediately re-attached. 

Once you are comfortable that it's done you can release the barrier or leave it in place for a few days, whatever feels comfortable to you.

Pulling the cord out is not usually recommended as you need to be gentle to avoid harming yourself.  If you feel you need help, you can call on the angelic beings. 

You can also ask your spirit guides to assist you to remove any ties, cords or hooks that you feel are still attached.

  • Step 5: if you feel that there are still ties attached, ask for cords that are attached at any other chakra to also be released. 
  • To ensure all of the other cords are removed, simply ask the angels or your spirit guides to create a block and ask them to sever any other ties you weren't aware of. 

Use your chosen stone at any or all chakras, one by one, asking spirit to cut etheric ties that have bound you to others, and free yourself from the restrictions that these unwanted ties can create.

Note: Ties may be connected at the higher chakras, especially if you have a strong Spiritual connection to someone else that may relate to a number of past lives.

Top Stones & Crystals To Sever Karmic Ties

This is the list of the most well-known and effective crystals to sever karmic ties. Beneath the list is information about each of the stones on this list. 

The best stones to use for this purpose are shown below with more details about each of them.

They all have an excellent energy to assist you with this. You will find information underneath this about how to use each of the crystals to sever karmic ties.

In particular you might choose to use them in meditation to achieve your aim of cutting the cords that attach you to someone else.

The stones listed here all have a strong energy to assist you to cut the ties and enable you to remove hooks that connect you to another person.

There are also a few others that can be used to help the process including using a quartz crystal laser wand.

More About The Above Crystals To Sever Karmic Ties

The crystals below are my top choice of stones to use to cut ties, but there are others, and you may find them mentioned on various pages.

The stones listed below are the most effective and can be combined with others to boost the energy of both stones.


Amblygonite are powerful stones to assist you to remove hooks or ties that connect you to people from your past that you no longer wish to be connected to.

This may be people who you have been in a personal relationship with, but they can also be members of your family, and present or past friends.

This also includes work colleagues including managers, and in this case it may be obvious that they are trying to control you, more than is necessary for your work.

You can also cut ties with those who you are currently in a relationship with, to help you to gain clarity about your feelings for the other person.

Sometimes relationships with an ex-partner, parents, other family members or even your boss may have created ties designed to control your actions.

While you may have moved on from the situation you may still be tied to a person by etheric hooks that require severing in order for you to live a happy fulfilled life.

They are excellent crystals to relieve stress as they contain the mineral lithium. In addition they may boost creativity through stimulating your imagination.

Amblygonite works well in combination with Tunellite which is talked about below.

While Amblygonite are powerful crystals to sever karmic ties, they also have a number of other excellent properties which you can read about on its in-depth page, by clicking on the link under the picture above.


Tunellite is one of the best crystals to sever karmic ties as it just works so well.

It works well when its used on its own but in addition its energy does combine well with Amblygonite as mentioned above.

Rather than using either of these two stones alone, you might choose to combine them to create a more enduring result.

Sets of these two stones are often sold together by specialist crystal sellers for this purpose.

One of the powerful ways that Tunellite works when you are cutting ties, is to help you to gain awareness of ties that have been sent to you from someone else.

Sometimes you may feel that a relationship has ended but you may not be aware that there is still a connection between you because the other person hasn't let you go.

You may not know that the cord is still there connecting you. One of the major benefits of Tunellite is that this unusual stone works without conscious effort.

By simply keeping it on your body for a few weeks, it will work to disconnect you from others. This may help you to gain clarity about all of your relationships.

Jewelry made from them is not common, so I use mine in a macrame crystal holder along with a piece of Amblygonite. 

It is easy to buy macrame crystal holders in a range of sizes. If you get the right size you can put more than one stone in it.

Other ways to use them is by putting them in a cloth bag worn in your pocket and at night placing them on the bedside.

As long as the energy is within your auric field their energy will work to cut the cords that bind you to others.

If you have them on the bedside where you sleep with your partner, this enables ties to fall away without any action.

You may suddenly find things improve and this can be because something of a karmic nature has been eliminated. 

These crystals also have a good energy to strengthen the silver cord that connects you to your soul.

Use it in meditation if you are doing astral travel, to enable an easy and safe return to your body.

Black Obsidian & Rainbow Obsidian

Black Obsidian is well known for its action to cut these ties, but many people are not aware that you can also use Rainbow Obsidian for this purpose as well.

They are both powerful crystals to sever karmic ties as they have such a strong energy to allow you to be aware of the hooks or ties.

When you are choosing a specific crystal to use for cutting ties, it is advantageous to select one with a visible sharp edge.

A stone like the one pictured below is helpful as it assists you to more easily visualize making the cut. There is a lot more information further down, on how its done. 

These black stones have many potent qualities so you may already have a piece in your collection that you use for grounding or for psychic protection.

While you can get pieces that are deliberately cut to create a pendant, many natural pieces of this stone have a point, which may assist you when you are visualizing using them for severing ties connecting you to others.

On the in-depth site page about Black Obsidian there is more information, so check it out if this stone has specifically got your attention.


Sunstone is a quite beautiful stone with a number of powerful properties, including their action as one of the top crystals to sever karmic ties.

Many ties to others relate to past life situations and regardless of whether you remember the circumstances or have memories of these past lives these ties may be present.

Some people find that the cords or emotional hooks can be quite draining, so you may find that once they are severed that your health improves.

Sunstone crystals have quite a few other powerful properties that will also be beneficial to you, including assisting stress and depression.

They are useful crystals for mental clarity and they not only assist clearer thinking but may also boost creativity and improve intimate relationships.

Note: By cutting ties and releasing emotional hooks or ties connecting you to an intimate partner, you may find that your relationship improves.

This may be because severing ties can eliminate issues that are stopping the free-flow of genuine loving feelings between you.


Novaculite is one the foremost crystals to sever karmic ties, as well as cutting cords created when you enter into a relationship with someone.

When we get into a loving relationships these ties are often created easily and quickly, especially when you fall in love.

But as time goes by relationships can change and some can get very toxic and this can lead to unhappiness and even to domestic violence.

Sometimes this is because you were attracted to each other due to a past life connection that you were unaware of.

By cutting these karmic connections or ties you may be able to more clearly see what has been playing out in your relationship and may be able to heal the issues.

Novaculite is most well-known for the tools that are made from it, but many people are unaware that these stones also have some powerful metaphysical properties.


Hackmanite is a high vibration crystal that is well known for its action to cut ties that you have to people with whom you have been in a relationship with.

In addition they also helpful crystals to sever karmic ties that you may not be aware of.

This may relate to a past life situation, and that may be the cause of current problems you are having.

These crystals are best used in meditation, see the instructions further down the page, with the best way to use them to remove ties that connect to others.

This does not only apply to people who you have had an intimate relationship with.

It can also apply to friendships that have become toxic and to family members who think they know what's best for you and believe they should control you.

Hackmanite are high crystal energy stones that have a quite beautiful vibration that also increases feelings of peace and harmony. They make a deep Spiritual connection when used in meditation.


Flint was used in the distant past to make all manner of tools and everyday items that ancient people needed in their day to day life.

They have a number of excellent metaphysical properties including their action to cut cords or ties that connect you to other people.

Use these crystals to sever karmic ties in meditation to assist you to cut ties, both those relating to this life and to past lives. Check the section below to see ways to do this.

You may not always be aware of these karmic situations that have created hooks within your auric field and that need removing. 

Other ways that this stone can assist you is its action to attract money into your life, and their energy may assist you to be more careful with your spending as well.

Removing Deeply Attached Karmic Ties

There are some cords or hooks that are quite deeply attached, and these may be where you have been in a strong loving relationship that has gone bad.

These hooks may be the hardest to sever. You may need to cut the cords a number of times and you may definitely find you need the help of a sharp crystal to do this.

One of the crystals to sever karmic ties that is beneficial for this purpose is a clear quartz crystal wand.

Using a laser quartz crystal wand in this case can be helpful, or a sharp piece of novaculite, obsidian or flint. You can make a cutting implement by holding more than one at the same time.

Chakras that may have strong connections may need the help of more than one of the crystals to sever karmic ties.

Deep formerly loving relationships may have created deep connections within the higher heart chakra, the area related to compassion and forgiveness, especially if you have been working on forgiving negative past experiences. 

When you are in an intense loving relationship, ties may deeply connect to the heart chakra too.

If you have been in a passionate intimate relationship, this can produce a deep-rooted connection within the sacral or navel chakra as well as within the base or root chakra.

If you feel this is the case, it can be beneficial to visualize the cords being severed individually at every single chakra to ensure they are all removed.

Be aware that even after a hook or tie is removed, it can reconnect, so this is a good reason to put a barrier up for a little while.

It may also be advantageous to do the process of removing hooks or ties a few times, to ensure your cords are properly severed.

Wearing Tunellite and Amblgonite together is helpful to ensure that severed ties stay cut. One easy way to wear these two crystals to sever karmic ties is in a macrame crystal holder.