Find Your Personal Mantra

by yujianghao on Sep 13, 2023

Find Your Personal Mantra

Rosasite is a unique crystal that helps you to discover your own special personal mantra.

Use them in meditation to strengthen trust in the power of Spirit and its role in your life.

They may especially help you if you have received guidance when visiting the higher realms and wish to ascertain its validity.

They are known to boost your memory, and have other useful healing properties.

These greenish-blue crystals have a lovely heart based energy that is calming and soothing and are beneficial to assist emotional healing.

They have a strong throat chakra energy that may assist you to understand truth when you hear it and may enhance your capacity to be truthful.

Where Is It From? Rosasite Meaning

It was originally discovered in Sardinia by Domenico Lovisato who named the stone.

The meaning of the name of this stone relates to the name of the actual mine where it was first found, the "Rosas Mine" located in Sulcis in Sardinia.

It has since been found in England, Germany, Italy, Australia, Iran, Namibia, Mexico, Chile and New Mexico in the United States.

These beautiful stones are an uncommon copper zinc carbonate hydroxide mineral that has a similar mineral make-up to Aurichalcite. 

Rosasite is a copper ore and is a relatively brittle stone that has a silky vitreous luster.

It may occur as botryoidal masses, prismatic or acicular crystals with a radiating form, as velvety encrustations on a matrix as well as lovely transparent or translucent stones.

Some stones occur in the form of spheres and sometimes as tiny crystals formed on a matrix stone including on red limonite.

Although the different mineral specimens vary, their color is generally green, blue, blue green or a sky blue shade.

While they are said to be rare or uncommon crystals they are relatively easy to obtain at specialist crystal suppliers. 

What Is A Mantra?

When I first read that this crystal could help you to discover your own special personal mantra, I started to think about what a mantra is and how it will help you.

Mantras have strong role for use in meditation, and are particularly useful to help you to be fully present. To release your day and relax into deep meditation.

A mantra is often a sound or a group of sounds, and many people have heard of the sound "ohm" which may be used to concentrate on during meditation.

The point of a mantra is to take your mind to the same place each time, where you can meet with Spirit and your spirit guides in the higher realms.

But mantras can also be other sounds or groups of sounds or groups of words. My mantra for years has been:

"I allow myself to deeply and completely relax into inner awareness".

I silently say this a few times then I repeat "deeply and completely" over and over, concentrating on those words until I am totally and fully relaxed and have travelled deep into the spiritual realms."

Using Rosasite can help you to intuitively discover words or sounds that are good for you personally, to  take you deep into a state of relaxed inner awareness.

Why Would You Use It? 

Like many blue-green stones, Rosasite resonates within both the heart and the throat chakras.

Its vibration at the throat chakra has a good action to improve communication, so it is a beneficial stone to help public speakers.

It is especially useful to use for meditation, to assist you to communicate with beings in the higher realms.

It will assist you to understand what is said to you and to recognize the validity of what has been told to you at that time.

It also helps you to convey the details to others afterwards, and may boost your ability to explain the salient points of what Spirit or your spirit guides conveyed to you.

How Will It Help You? Metaphysical Properties & Powers

Rosasite crystals have a fairly unusual energy. Their metaphysical meaning relates to the use of mantras.

If you use them in a crystal meditation they may create a clear channel to obtain divine guidance that may enable you to receive information on your mantra that is valuable to you.

If you sleep with one under your pillow, their vibration may help you to discover your own special personal mantra, that you can use to assist your life.

They embody other excellent powers, including the way they may boost your memory, and are known to assist you to access memories that you had forgotten.

They are known to help you to recall information about past experiences related to a range of subjects that you have previously known about but have forgotten.

These green crystals are also excellent stones to help you to reaffirm your personal trust in the way that the universe works. 

They may strengthen your conviction about the things that you were told when you visited the higher realms, and your belief in their truth.

This is especially valuable when the information obtained cannot be discovered by using the normal senses, only experienced in these unique ways.

Your confidence in this knowledge can be beneficial, and may be utilized in your life.

They may also make a connection from the heart to the third eye, which is known to assist psychic powers and may stimulate specific types of learning.

In particular they may assist students working with analytical subjects that require a higher degree of reasoning and precise logical thinking.

Rosasite Healing Properties 

These beautiful greenish blue crystals have a number of excellent healing properties.

They have an emotionally calming and comforting vibration that will soothe you at times of distress and are known to calm your nerves when you feel agitated or on edge.

They are good crystals for emotional healing, with a beneficial heart based energy that helps to quieten worries, and brings restful, peaceful feelings.

They are said to helps disorders of the skin, both superficial and deep beneath the surface and may assist the renewal or repair of damaged tissue.

They are known to be helpful for the muscles and may also help problems related to the bone structure.

They are beneficial crystals for stress that should be kept in the vicinity when you are feeling fretful or ill at ease and need calming.

 Final Thoughts

They are strong heart chakra stones that assist emotional healing and are known to aid healing of issues within the area surrounding the heart.

These stones also have a good energy to help at times of darkness when you are filled with uncertainty or trepidation about life events.

They help to clear negative vibrations and to create a more grounded, balanced and stable way of perceiving situations.

They may be beneficial crystals to keep on your body or to leave nearby if you wish to benefit from their energy.

In summary: They may improve your mood, enhance good will towards others and may attract new friends.

They are strong throat chakra stones, with an energy that assists honest and open communication, and may help to generally improve your communication ability.

They are good crystals to encourage persistence and perseverance and their vibration is known to bring good fortune.

Best Crystals To Use With Rosasite

What are the best crystals to combine with Rosasite?

These stones have a good energy to improve or or boost your memory, but if you feel you need more help you can combine them with other crystals for memory.

Some of the stones that you may choose to use them with includes Emerald stone, Herderite, Albite and the lovely blue Azurite, which is another of the copper based stones.

These stones have a good action to assist emotional healing as their vibration encourages you to be filled with peace and serenity.

There are a number of other stones that also enhance emotional healing by increasing comforting or restful feelings, and this includes Blue Hemimorphite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Rainbow Obsidian and Rhodochrosite.

These unique stones may help you if you feel that you need to be more truthful, or have an awareness of when others are telling the truth to you.

You may find it helpful to combine with with other crystals for truth. Specific stones that you may like to pair with them includes Green Kyanite, Sodalite, Clear Euclase or Goshenite also called Clear Beryl.

These are copper based stones and many of the stones in this family have strong metaphysical properties, and you may find it helpful to use them with some of the stronger copper based stones.

Some of the more powerful copper based stones include Shattuckite, Malachite, Eilat Stone, Aurichalcite, Azurite and Chrysocolla, all of which combine well with this stone.