Garnierite:Boosts Prosperity, Aids Positive Change

by yujianghao on Sep 14, 2023

Garnierite:Boosts Prosperity, Aids Positive Change

Garnierite is known to help both both single parents and those simply living alone, and may aid the growth of new friendships and attract new love.

It has a strong easily felt energy that can bring positive change into your life. 

Like many green crystals they have a lovely heart based energy which is easily felt at both the heart and higher heart chakra.

They are excellent crystals for you to use if you feel the need to increase the level of love and compassion towards yourself and others.

They are an excellent crystal to aid emotional healing as well as having healing properties that help a number of physical problems.

They are known to boost abundance and prosperity as they also resonate at the solar plexus chakra.

They have some helpful and unique attributes that may assist winning at games of chance.

What Is It? Meaning of Garnierite

Also known as green nickel ore, Garnierite is not truly considered a mineral according to the experts. This is because it is thought to have formed within rock pockets.

Its chemical formula has not been totally decided and these stones may consist of a mix of minerals, and some mineral experts feel that the stone may be man-made.

While it is not the same stone as Falcondoite, many samples of this rock have a high amount of Falcondoite in them.

Garnierite is a stone that was fairly uncommon in the past, but more of the stone has reached the market recently.

The meaning of the name of this stone relates to the name of the first person who described this stone, Jules Garnier. 

Garnier was a geologist who in 1867 wrote about his discovery of this mineral.

It is also known as Noumeite, as it was originally thought to be a separate type of stone. This name comes from the place where it was discovered in Noumea in New Caledonia in the southwest pacific.

It is an important ore of nickel and as it has a high nickel content these crystals are generally a green color.

They have a colour range that varies from dark to very light, with the depth of color in the stone relating to the level of nickel in individual pieces.

Although the color of this stone is generally green, it's color is quite diverse.

Where Is Garnierite From? 

While it is found in a number of locations, around forty percent of the Nickel is found in the Dominican Republic within the saprolite zone.

Other places where it is found includes Western Australia, Russia, Poland, Madagascar, South Africa, Portugal, India, Japan, Brazil and a number of places in the United States.

Garnierite is found in igneous rock laterite deposits, and is said to result from weathering of ultramafic rocks. 

It is an important nickel ore that is generally found in veins in the rock. For crystal collectors, note that it does not have a very good crystal structure and pieces are commonly found in feldspar.

It is a part of the feldspar family of minerals as pieces are commonly found within feldspar.

Because of its feldspar content, it has been said that it's a rare form of moonstone so in some places is known as Green Moonstone which I believe is incorrect.

A small number of these stones have the sparkle one sees in other types of Moonstone but in general these stones do not commonly have the sparkle or labradorescence of other types of Moonstone.

I think this is a totally different stone to Green Moonstone as the energy of Green Moonstone is different.

These are one of the new minerals that have recently become available, and while they are not a common crystal they are fairly easy to buy.

Garnierite palm stones are easy to get and these are beneficial and they are easy to use.

In addition, pieces are available carved into various shapes such as spheres, points or freeform carvings.

These green crystals contain high amounts of nickel and are known as a good source of the mineral.

They also contain magnesium as well as talc, serpentine, antigorite, sepiolite, chlorite or smectite in various amounts.

It's color varies, and includes dark green, a lovely bright lime green through to a pale green that may be almost white colored depending on how much of the green nickel ore it contains.

Garnierite and Manifestation: Why Would You Use It?

They are one of the crystals for money so many people may wish to use these stones to take advantage of their purported action to assist manifestation.

This green crystal is said to be a "stone of acquisition" and their energy may assist you to increase the amount of "things" you may acquire, so this can be helpful for those who need it.

It is also a stone of luck and may be helpful when playing games of chance. Keeping a piece near lotto tickets or on your body may help your ability to win, no guarantee, but you never know!

They may be used with the seven laws of attraction to increase your chances of winning in various ways, but they are said to be specifically helpful to aid you to win at games of chance.

The energy of this stone resonates within the solar plexus, and this is the area of the body related to manifestation and abundance.

They are solar plexus chakra stones that also aid the growth of personal success and self-esteem as well as boosting feelings of self worth and self confidence. 

How Will It Help You? Replenish Vital Energy

Garnierite is known as the Stone of the Goddess Gaia.

They have a good energy to make a connection with the energies of Mother Gaia and this may help to replenish your vital energy.

It has a soft mysterious nature and may have a profound effect on the body, soothing and calming you as it moves the energy of the Goddess Gaia up from the earth chakra into the body.

This earth energy may then make its way up through the base chakra and flow throughout the entire body.

From the base or root chakra it may move up the spinal cord where it travels up to the crown chakra, re-energizing and calming you as it goes.

They are beneficial crystals for emotional healing, their soothing action helping to calm and soothe you and may aid you to let go of undesirable pessimistic attitudes.

Metaphysical Spiritual Properties Of Garnierite

This lovely green crystal helps to create positive change in your life, and in addition may attract new friends.

They are beneficial crystals for kindness and generosity with an energy that may change your way of acting towards other people in your life particularly your friends.

They have a strong heart and higher heart chakra energy which brings potent love powers that may help to attract that special someone into your life.

It has a good energy to benefit single people, both single parents and those simply living alone, and they assist the growth of confidence and self reliance.

Because their energy resonates strongly at the higher heart chakra this will boost the level of loving compassionate energy that you may feel when using them.

Due to the way the stones form they are commonly sold as flat palm stones which are pleasant to hold in the hand to assist you to feel more loving.

They also embody excellent spiritual properties and their vibration may help you to come to a Divine or spiritual understanding about another person.

The metaphysical properties of Garnierite are all about love, whether it is spiritually loving yourself or someone else.

Garnierite is a stone that allows you to find out about self love and what it means to be able to encourage the best of your inner being

They are good crystals for self love as these stone allow you to see that as you begin to work on and love your own inner spirit, that you can also begin to love others spiritually.

In addition they also motivate you to care for your environment and the wider environment in which you live.

One of the best ways to use Garnierite is in a crystal meditation as it may assist you to make contact with teachers who are waiting to assist you.

It is known to aid you to discover new previously unknown information from Spiritual beings when visiting the higher Spiritual realms. 

Your spiritual growth may benefit from what you learn, as you may receive surprising spiritual knowledge about yourself or others, depending on what you need to know.

Who Should Use It? Garnierite Healing Properties

Garnierite are good healing stones that aid emotional healing and have a number of other beneficial healing properties

The energy of this stone is known to help the healing of issues in the wrist and the arm, as well as aiding the healing of problems in the spine and the vertebrae.

They are also said to assist the body to manufacture bile and are also known to help you to recover from general health issues that have been concerning you.

One of the more interesting ways that Garnierite stones are purported to assist your health is its action to substitute negative energy in your body that has been causing ill health, with a more vibrant, energized and positive energy.

Their energy is also known to be helpful to assist you to be aware of the nutrients in what you are eating on a day to day basis, in order to assist you to gain improved health through better nutrition.

How Will It Help You? Wearing This Crystal

Wearing a Garnierite bead bracelet crystal during the day may be beneficial to assist you if you have issues in the wrist. See healing properties above.

These stones also have a good energy to aid you to work towards new objectives, and can assist you with planning your intentions by stimulating fresh ideas.

They are beneficial crystals for goal setting, and wearing them on a daily basis may help you to discover new goal setting information.

They may also help you to work out what direction you wish to aim towards when planning new goals or intentions.

In addition their energy makes them good crystals to attract new friends. This may help you when you are looking for someone special to become a part of your life.

Garnierite jewelry is uncommon, but it is possible to get bead bracelets like the one above, or simply keep a piece in your pocket, in a cloth bag if you think you might lose a loose stone.

An easy alternative way to keep any stone on your body is by making or buying a macrame crystal holder.

These green stones embody an excellent heart based energy, so wearing them in the area of the heart chakra may be particularly beneficial.

 How To Use It

Many of you are probably looking for ways to increase money in your life. As mentioned above, these stones are reported to assist the users ability to win in games of chance.

I certainly cannot guarantee that its energy may help you to win, but if it does I guess its up to individuals to decide if its worth trying.

In summary: This green crystal may assist the growth of abundance and prosperity and they are known as stones that aid you to acquire more money.

Their energy helps to create positive change that may benefit how you live your life and may assist you to find new friends.

They are known to help single people in their search for friendship and love, by helping you to feel more confident in yourself.

They are crystals for kindness and consideration that boost generosity and thoughtfulness towards others.

Best Crystals To Combine With Garnierite

What are the most beneficial crystals to combine with Garnierite?

These stones have an excellent energy to aid emotional healing, but this may be strengthened by combining them with other crystals for the same purpose.

Specific stones you might choose includes Rainbow Obsidian, Apache Tears, Petoskey Stone or Rhodochrosite.

These stones have a strong higher heart chakra energy that helps to encourage feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness towards others.

Their action to rouse compassionate feelings towards others may be aided by using them with other higher heart crystals.

There are a large number of stones that resonate within the higher heart area.

Use them with crystals that are known for their action to stimulate compassion and forgiveness within you such as Strawberry Quartz, Green Calcite, Rhodonite or Pecos Diamond.

Combine them with any of the crystals for money to boost the way this stone works to increase the flow of money in your life.

Some of the most well known stones to use to boost prosperity, and to manifest money includes Yellow Tourmaline, Peridot, Citrine Crystals or Chrysoberyl

If you feel that you could do with extra help to boost love for yourself there are a number of excellent crystals for self love that will help you.

Use with crystals such as Kutnohorite, Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz or Morganite which are some of the most well known crystals to stimulate love on all levels.