Green Heulandite:Relieves Fear & Aids Emotional Healing

by yujianghao on Sep 10, 2023

Green Heulandite:Relieves Fear & Aids Emotional Healing

Green Heulandite is a high vibration crystal that has a soothing energy that helps to relieve fear and allay nervousness.

They have a strong energy that helps to enhance emotional healing and may assist you to connect to your heart and higher heart chakra.

These green crystals encourage your vibration to change as you become spiritually awakened to come into rapport with the earth and all that is.

They have an energy that is very calming to the emotions and they may encourage you to develop feelings of love towards others.

Their powerful higher heart chakra energy is known to trigger compassion and forgiveness, especially if it relates to past events that are still troubling you.

Where Is It From? Green Heulandite Meaning

It may seem obvious that the name Green Heulandite is related only to the green colored stones but there are colors other than green that Heulandite comes in.

The white type isn't a white color as such but is a pink or peach colored stone.

The green variety occurs in various shades of green and you can see the colors in images below and some are darker than others.

The second part of this stones name Heulandite, relates to the name of collector JH Heuland. It was named after Heuland by HJ Brooke when he was researching the differences between Heulandite and Stilbite.

Stilbite is another stone in the zeolite family and these two types of zeolite were first thought to be the same until further research was carried out.

The green stone is primarily found in India, but other colors are found in a range of locations.

Both "white" colors of Heulandite and the green crystals have a high vibration and are very effective when combined.

How Will Green Heulandite Help You?

The lovely energy of Green Heulandite flowing through you aids you to become more compassionate towards others.

It's energy stimulates the higher heart chakra, helping you to feel compassion towards others. 

It helps to release negative emotions and also assists you to forgive experiences that have created negative feelings that you are still holding on to.

This is especially true when you recall those who you feel have done wrong to you, and this energy is epitomized by the feeling of grace that may be engendered. 

Negative emotions and feelings may fall way, as you release emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy and patronizing beliefs such as feelings of superiority.

Wearing Green Heulandite

Wearing this stone on your body is an excellent way to utilize its energy. This crystal may induce an impressive awakening and through this may create a powerful healing process within the emotional body.

Keeping one of these stones in your environment, is known to boost belief in yourself and may aid you to release fear and feel courageous during troubling situations.

Their vibration helps you to have the resolve to keep going even when setbacks are making life circumstances difficult.

Having their energy close by is an effective aid to move your life forward, and meditating with them may give you ideas about ways to make progress on your goals.

You can use them in meditation by simply wearing a piece of the on your body, and this doesn't mean you have to buy jewelry.

There are two easy ways to do this. You can put a piece in your pocket or wear your stone in a macrame crystal holder.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, just make sure you get one with a sliding bead on top so you can take the stone out when cleansing it.

Healing Properties Of Green Heulandite

Both colors of Heulandite have strong healing properties, and like all types of zeolite crystals they are known to aid water retention and may assist the release of toxins within the physical body.

The green stones are excellent healing crystals for you to use as they have a strong action to aid the healing of heart related health problems.

They may be used to assist the healing of growths, and may help with weight loss and problems in the feet.

By its action to release feelings of resentment and judgment of yourself, it will aid weight loss and stimulate healing of growths.

It enhances blood flow to the lower body, and this may assist the liver, kidneys and bladder.

Both colors of these crystals are powerful to use in their own right, yet used together, spirit has given us the gift of a wonderful combination!

It is possible to buy these stones at specialist crystal suppliers, but they are not as common as other crystals. 

Regardless of whether you use the white and green stones together or only one of them, the best way to use them is in meditation.

By doing a daily crystal meditation with these stones, and going into the silence and having them close by, their vibration will be the most effective.

Using this high vibration crystal creates effective results and these green crystals work to create an amazing harmony of energy, that has excellent healing outcomes.

 Best Crystals To Use With Green Heulandite 

What are the most beneficial crystals to combine with Green Heulandite?

Green Heulandite blends well with many of the green crystals that are stones that encourage your connection with the energy of the earth.

It also combines well with many of the other heart chakra stones.

In harmonizes particularly well with the higher vibration heart based stones such as Pink Petalite, Pink Danburite and Pink Datolite and as well as with other pink heart based stones such as Pink Morganite, Pink Tourmaline and Kunzite.

These green crystals have a good energy to assist emotional healing and they  have a powerful action to assist the healing of emotions related to difficult situations.

If you feel that you need some extra help to heal yourself emotionally, combine one of the other well known stones that may heal your emotions to strengthen this energy.

There are quite a few well known crystals for emotional healing that you might choose, including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Black Tourmaline.

Many of you may be surprised to see that Black Tourmaline is a strong crystal to aid the emotions as it is mainly known for its role to help grounding and protection. But it has a good energy to help you in lots of other ways.

To help you to lose weight, you may find it beneficial to combine it with  other crystals for weight loss.

Some good crystals that assist you to lose weight includes Dream Quartz, Iolite, Sunstone, Blue Apatite and Picasso Marble.

These crystals have a good energy to assist you to find the location of the Akashic records when you are traveling in the higher realms.

To strengthen this action, pair it with other stones that aid access to the Akashic records, such as Blue Apatite, Chiastolite, Cavansite and Afghanite.

You may also find it beneficial to pair these green crystals with the other colors of Heulandite including the "white" or peach colored Heulandite.