Healing Properties of Chrysocolla: A Crystal for Earth Energy

by yujianghao on Sep 05, 2023

Healing Properties of Chrysocolla: A Crystal for Earth Energy

Chrysocolla is a copper-based mineral that’s part of the Orthorhombic crystal system. It ranges in color from blue to teal green and is most commonly seen as botryoidal clusters.

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Chrysocolla: “I open myself to receive the gifts of health, wealth, and happiness that the universe has in store for me.”

Common Healing Properties of Chrysocolla:

  • Assists you when speaking from the heart
  • Enhances your connection with nature
  • Instills compassion
  • Promotes inner strength during difficult times
  • Facilitates emotional balance
  • Encourages forgiveness
  • Instills joy
  • Assists with cleansing energy from your aura or space
  • Enhances inner peace and calm
  • Promotes inspiration
  • Encourages care and concern for others
  • Promotes ecological awareness and concern for the earth
  • Can be used to connect with Goddess energy
  • Assists you when you must make difficult choices
  • Facilitates grounding and rooting into earth energy
  • Facilitates connection and communication with your guides
  • Enhances creativity

More About Chrysocolla:

Chrysocolla enhances abundance in all areas of your life, but it is especially helpful for calling in an abundance of new opportunities. What opportunities has the universe presented to you? Chrysocolla helps you recognize these and also nudges you to make positive transformations (especially if you fear you may fail in your new pursuits).

Chrysocolla’s color and markings can make it confusing to identify; some greener pieces look like Malachite, while bluer ones may resemble Turquoise. It’s a soft mineral that often intergrows with harder substances, especially Quartz. Chrysocolla doesn’t often form crystals of its own, but its color and markings make it quite beautiful, even in its massive form. The name Chrysocolla is Greek for “gold glue,” going back to the time when the copper that produces its bright appearance was used for solder. It’s one of a group of brightly colored minerals — along with Turquoise, Malachite, Azurite — that indicates the presence of copper veins.

Safety note: Since chrysocolla contains copper, please don’t use it to make crystal elixirs or gem waters using the direct method of preparation.

When you’re learning how to work with your stones and deepen your crystal connection, becoming familiar with the foundational techniques of crystal energy can be really helpful.

Chrysocolla Lore:

Chrysocolla was first named by Theophrastus in the year 315 B.C.  Chrysocolla was revered in ancient Egypt where it was seen as a wisdom stone by the likes of Cleopatra and Nefertiti and was said to be carried by both of them to provide guide their rulership and decision-making.

How to Work with Chrysocolla for Earth Healing:

Chrysocolla can be used for earth healing and to promote ecological awareness and care and concern for Mother Earth and all of her creatures.  This is a stone of environmental champions and pioneers. To work with this stone for earth healing, go sit outside with your Chrysocolla stone.  Set the stone on the ground and then hover your hands above it. Close your eyes, and begin to tune into the stone’s energy.  Visualize a bright green light surrounding the crystal and see the light expand outward in all directions, creating a large sphere.  Use your hands to push this ball of light toward the earth’s center, offering healing energy to the earth.  Visualize the light traveling downward into the earth until it reaches the Earth’s core at the very center of the planet.  Then, visualize the light expanding and moving back out toward the Earth’s surface. See this light healing the earth as it passes through every layer, every bit of the mantle, every particle of soil, every plant, and every animal.