Healing Properties of Larimar: A Crystal for Joy & Spiritual Communication

by yujianghao on Sep 05, 2023

Healing Properties of Larimar: A Crystal for Joy & Spiritual Communication

Larimar, also known as Blue Pectolite, comes from only one place in the world (the Dominican Republic) and resembles the ocean when glistening with sunlight.

Common Healing Properties of Larimar:

  • Promotes peace and calming
  • Encourages emotional healing
  • Facilitating inner child work
  • Helps you connect with Divine energy
  • Assisting you with Earth healing energy work (for healing the land and the water)
  • Enhances communication (especially with your guides and with animals)
  • Allows you to get in flow with the energy of the water element to assist you with release and letting go, promoting your intuition, and enhancing love
  • Encourages mental clarity
  • Facilitates states of expanded consciousness
  • Enhances feelings of oneness

More About Larimar:

Larimar is a rare, blue variety of Pectolite and although it’s massive in its outward appearance, it has a triclinic crystal system. The blue color of this stone, often mottled with white or green, resembles the ocean when glistening with sunlight.  Lower-quality pieces will sometimes contain red or brown flecks.  High-quality Larimar sometimes displays a slight pearlescence. This beautiful blue stone seems to have the ocean written on it, like a reflection of the clear Caribbean waters of its origin, and all of its associations are with water. Larimar is a beautiful blue stone known for enhancing communication, whether with people, animals, or even elemental water spirits. It has a joyful yet peaceful energy.

Larimar is a gentle stone that offers you deep and profound healing while working with it.  It is also sometimes referred to as “Dolphin Stone” and facilitates all types of communication (between people, with animals, or with your guides).  Larimar corresponds to the water element and is a stone of empathy and compassion that can facilitate feelings of oneness and of belonging to the whole.

One Way to Work with Larimar:

Try holding a Larimar stone over your throat to promote clear and effective communication while speaking.  You may also wish to try placing 2 pieces of Larimar (1 near each ear) to enhance your clairaudient ability to receive important messages from your guides. Alternatively, you may try meditating while holding a piece of Larimar and try to tune into what the Universe most wants you to know at this time.

When you’re learning how to work with your stones and deepen your crystal connection, becoming familiar with the foundational techniques of crystal energy can be really helpful.

Larimar Lore:

Although originally discovered in 1916, it wasn’t until the stone’s rediscovery in 1974 that it found popularity in the market. Some stones have worldwide histories rooted in centuries of folklore, but because of its recent introduction to the mineral market, it does not have any known historical uses. The Dominican people called it blue stone, and believed it was a gift from the sea. It was rediscovered by a Peace Corps volunteer and a Dominican man, who gave larimar its name — a combination of his daughter’s name, Larissa (which can itself mean “gull”), and the Spanish word mar, meaning ocean.