Healing Properties of Scolecite: A Crystal for Boundaries & Wisdom

by yujianghao on Sep 14, 2023

Healing Properties of Scolecite: A Crystal for Boundaries & Wisdom

Scolecite is a brilliant, clear to white mineral that forms in gorgeous, fan-like clusters.

Common Healing Properties of Scolecite:

  • Helps open you up to divine energy
  • Aids in creating a connection to your guides and facilitates the correct interpretation of the messages that are received from them
  • Cleanses your energy field and your environment of unwanted energy
  • Facilitates astral travel
  • Aids you in learning from your past experiences
  • Promotes positive transformation
  • Encourages spiritual growth
  • Helps you set boundaries that support your emotional wellness


Notes: Scolecite is typically white or translucent, but rarely, it may also be pink.

Common Origins: India, Australia, France, Iceland

More About Scolecite:

Scolecite is a monoclinic crystal, forming clear to white, fan-like clusters of blade-shaped crystals.  Small crystals often appear fibrous.  This crystal is found globally, but the finest quality pieces, forming large, clear fans, are from India. Scolecite was discovered in Germany in 1813 and does not have known historical significance.  It’s named for the Greek word, Skolec, meaning “worm,” in reference to the crystal’s tendency to expand and curl when heated.

Scolecite is a powerful cleanser, as evidenced by its use in chemical filtration.  It purges negativity and outworn patterns, clearing unwanted energy from your field and also from your ancestral line.  It offers you the opportunity for a spiritual crucible; it brings difficult things to the surface to be dealt with, but it promises the reward of extensive spiritual growth.

How to Work with Scolecite:

Lie down somewhere you will be comfortable and can remain undisturbed for a length of time.  Place the Scolecite above your head.  Take a deep breath in, close your eyes, and ask the for what needs to be cleansed and transformed in order to move forward on your spiritual journey to be revealed to you.  Allow yourself to dive deeply into the energy of your crystal, remaining in this position for as long as you need.  Be mindful of any messages or feelings that come through during the experience.  When you feel ready, open your eyes, remove the stone, cleanse it thoroughly, and record your experience in your crystal journal.