Healing & Rejuvenation with Orange Calcite

by yujianghao on Sep 03, 2023

Healing & Rejuvenation with Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a stone full of cheer, optimism, and joy and is a primary healer for the sacral and solar plexus chakras in its bright, tangerine hue. 
It helps you see the beauty that’s right in front of you, relish in the goodness that’s all around you, and enjoy all the juiciest parts of life, including simple everyday joys. Laughs, smiles, a breath of fresh air, the feeling of the first sip of orange juice on your tongue- tart and tangy, refreshing and delicious- that’s the energy of orange calcite.
Like a burst of sunlight shining through the dark clouds, orange calcite breaks up stuck, stagnant, and heavy emotional energy. It brings clarity to the mind, body, and emotions and amplifies all the good vibes.
Orange calcite is a healing stone, invigorating and calming at the same time, easing anxiety and fear and allowing you to step into a fresh new perspective.
 Orange calcite crystal
It has the kind of uplifting and optimistic energy we all could use more of right now to carry us through these stressful, confusing times. It’s a great stone to wear or carry with you each day to let its subtle magic seep into your aura, clearing, cleansing, and releasing what no longer serves you, so you can begin to move forward into your true potential. 
Let’s take a look at some of the most potent metaphysical qualities of orange calcite, and some fun ways to incorporate its healing power into your life.
Crystal for emotional balance
Calcite family stones are known for carrying calming energies, and orange calcite, in particular, helps calm feelings of doubt, fear, anxiety, and depression. It can calm a restless, pessimistic mind full of negative thoughts, and reorient you towards hope and optimism. It can alleviate feelings of guilt and shame and clear out anything hindering you from stepping into your full power and potential.
The sacral chakra is where we store and carry emotional energy. This includes not only all your own feelings but those you’ve empathically absorbed from the world around you, plus past traumas and even past-life emotional events. 
Orange calcite is an excellent stone to work with to help bust up all that stuck and heavy sacral energy, so you can sort through and release what doesn’t belong to you, what isn’t helping you, and what isn’t true for you anymore.
To clear blocks and stagnation
When you’re feeling stuck, icky, or blah, orange calcite brings in fresh, vibrant energy. It’s great to use when you’re feeling lazy, resistant, or unmotivated, or when you feel physically exhausted, overwhelmed, or worn out. 
It’s cleansing and refreshing. It breaks up emotional, mental, and physical blocks so you can feel more joy, hope, and optimism.
Its specialty is breaking down, processing, and digesting your emotional blocks, psychic trauma, and stagnant energy. If you feel blocked around receiving pleasure or expressing your sensuality or sexuality, orange calcite can help clear those blocks out too.
Physically, it moves your internal fluids and gets the chi flowing again, amplifying all the good energy that’s already within you and clearing negative energy out.
It helps you look on the bright side of things, to find the gems within the muck, to see the lessons within the struggle, to find gratitude in all the little things. 
To light your fire
As orange calcite calms and cleanses the heavy, dense energy in your sacral chakra, it also amplifies the innate, balanced energy that lies in there- your creative fire!
This sacral fire is the juice of life, it’s your desires, your sense of passion, and urgency to create- whether you want to start a new project or make babies. 
That sense of unbridled passion, flow, joy, and pleasure is what your sacral chakra feels when it’s in balance, and orange calcite helps bring in the balance.
It also helps clear out the doubt and fear that lies in your solar plexus, and amplifies its innate sense of motivation and drive to help you share your creativity and put yourself out there. 
For radiant confidence
Orange calcite crystal healing
As mentioned above, orange calcite works well to bring the solar plexus chakra into balance. This is the chakra where we find our drive, motivation, and ability to act on our desires and bring them to life.
When the solar plexus is blocked, it’s often due to doubting ourselves or a lack of self-esteem. When we feel stuck in fear or lose hope and fall into depression, the light of our solar plexus is dim. That’s when orange calcite can be a great aid to help slough off the dark clouds, break through the ick, and bring in vitality, enthusiasm, and a new perspective.
Use orange calcite to help you work through issues around your self-esteem and release the mind gremlins full of self-doubt. It can boost your confidence, increase your trust in yourself, help you see the pathways around the obstacles in front of you, and align you back with your natural radiance!
Healing practices with orange calcite
When you start working with orange calcite, keep in mind that it has a slower, subtler frequency of energy than say, quartz varieties, which are a very high frequency.
Because of this, orange calcite is a crystal you’ll want to work with consistently over time in order to see results. Think of it like a vitamin that accumulates potency in your body over time. The more you work with orange calcite, the more you’ll feel its beneficial effects.

Place on your body

Orange calcite crystal
Place orange calcite on your sacral chakra in the lower abdomen just below your belly button for healing around themes around guilt, shame, and self-worth, and to increase your vitality and creativity.
Place one on your solar plexus chakra on your upper abdomen, just beneath the crook of your ribs, for healing confidence and self-esteem issues, to increase your strength, motivation, and willpower.
Use in your gratitude or manifestation practices
Have orange calcite nearby while you write down all the things you’re grateful for, or ready to manifest in your life.
Or hold one during meditation and envision all the goodness you want to bring into your life coming to fruition.
It’s a great wealth and abundance stone, feel into its joyful energy that likes to squeeze all the goodness out of life!
Use for creative projects 
Orange calcite is great for writer’s block, and other creative blocks, or anytime you’re feeling unmotivated or uninspired.
It’s a great stone to keep at your desk or workspace, or to wear when you’re working on a creative project or need some good mojo.
Whenever you have doubt around what you’re creating, what you’re worth, or what you’re putting out there, hold, wear or carry orange calcite to let its calming and reassuring energy guide you.

Negative energy clearing

Wearing or carrying orange calcite with you throughout the day is the best way to have it absorb and transmute the negative energy you encounter throughout the day.
You can also use it to clear negative energy in your space! Place orange calcite in each corner of the room to surround it with fresh, vibrant energy, and clear out all the ick.
You can also place an orange calcite point in the center of a room, or on an altar space, to radiate its positive energy out to the entire space.
Orange calcite is an everyday favorite that is often overlooked, but we think it’s a must-have for your crystal collection and one of the best emotional healing tools around. Check out our collection of orange calcite and see if there’s a piece that speaks to you!