How To Charge Crystals & Stones

by yujianghao on Sep 11, 2023

How To Charge Crystals & Stones

To Increase Positive Energy In Them

Need to know how to charge crystals and stones to help to boost positive energy in them?

Most of you probably know how valuable it is to cleanse your crystals, but not everyone is aware that is also important to charge your crystals and stones.

All crystals start by embodying a strong positive energy, but over time this energy can stagnate and can become negative.

This is related to the way they help you. You are probably aware that there are lots of healing crystals for you to utilize for many different reasons. 

But did you know that they can go from embodying a positive energy to becoming negative, by absorbing negativity while they are helping you?

When you use them on a daily basis their vibration is affected by your energy, and this means they may need help to keep helping you. 

If you are interested in learning about charging the crystals or stones that you own, you can discover a number of ways to charge crystals below.

Charging Crystals Vs Cleansing Crystals

Some of the methods for cleansing crystals also work to charge your crystals to create a positive vibration within them again.

If you have any doubt, and are thinking about charging crystals vs cleansing crystals, read about ideas from both articles and see what the differences are.

Certain methods for how to charge crystals both cleanse and charge crystals, so check out how it works, as some of these are easy and effective. 

It is valuable to learn how to charge your crystals and stones. See ways to use one of these methods so you can do this on a regular basis.

Are You Charging Your Crystals? Boost Positive Energy!

For more than any other reason, it is important to ensure that all of your crystals embody positive energy.

While your crystals and stones may have begun with a strong positive vibration, they work to heal you by absorbing negativity.

This will mean that they begin to no longer vibrate as positively and could use some assistance in order to continue to help you.

When you are considering how to charge crystals and stones there are quite a few methods that you can utilize to increase their energy.

So take a look at the list below and see ways for charging your crystals and stones.

Note: that I did say safe, as using salt, either as salted water or by placing them in dry mineral salt is not safe, not if you wish your crystals to remain beautiful.

Cleaning quartz crystals is much safer than other types of stone, but check out the article to learn more. 

List Of Top Methods To Charge Your Crystals

You can read more about many ways for charging crystals and most are quite safe, but check out the methods to see possible reasons why you need to take care.

While the list is not in order of effectiveness, some ideas will help both cleansing and charging crystals, so use your intuition to aid you to decide.

It is of value to regularly charge your crystals and doing it once a month at the time of the full moon works well for many people.

The following is a list of how to charge crystals and there is more about all of them below:

  • Charge your crystals with sunlight
  • Charge crystals with moonlight
  • Use sound from a Crystal Singing Bowl, Tibetan Singing Bowl or by using Tingsha Hand Cymbals also called Tibetan Chimes.
  • Place on top of a Quartz Cluster.
  • Charge on a Selenite slab.
  • Use White Light.
  • Bury stones or crystals in the earth.
  • How to charge crystal made from quartz: program quartz to self charge

How To Charge Crystals With Sunlight?

The energy of the sun is quite potent and has a strong vibration for boosting the energy of most stones. Just be careful how long they are in the sun for.

If you are not sure about how to charge crystals, be aware that placing them in the sun does have an excellent action to stimulate an increase in their energy.

If you have colorless or clear crystals that you are charging they will be fine all day, but be careful not to put bright beautiful colored stones in the sun all day.

The sun is not only helpful for charging crystals but is powerful for cleansing crystals as well, just be careful.

When placing your stones in the sun, put them in a spot where they only get sun on them for a relatively short time, no more than an hour or two.

If you thinking about how to charge crystals and feel that the sun may a helpful method, remember that the sun can fade their color.

You may be disappointed if you leave them out all day, even though it will boost their vibration.

Try to put them out while you are home and move them before you leave home, as they may not be the beautiful bright color they were when you bought them if they are left out too long.

How To Charge Crystals With Moonlight?

Moonlight has a potent action that will re-energize your crystals, and release negativity, and will fill them with positive vibrations.

The energy of the moon will assist their vibration to easily lift. A good time for charging crystals is at the time of the full moon as there is more light coming in to boost their energy.

It is beneficial to put them out when it is at its brightest, and its energy is strongest.

It is a good idea to combine moonlight charging with other ways that you use for cleansing crystals that you own, so that you remember to do both.

Moonlight is one of the top ways to think of when you are looking at how to charge crystals as it is just so simple.

Once you have charged your crystals, you will notice that they seem more vital and filled with crystal healing energy that you can utilize every day.

Moving your crystals into the moonlight can be a big job I know, but it will benefit both your crystals and anyone who is nearby, including yourself.

If you can, put them in a spot where they will be in the moonlight all night, but if they end up in the sun take care.

How To Charge Crystals With Reiki

Reiki is a healing modality where you are attuned to a specific Universal Life Force Energy re-discovered by Mikao Usui on a Japanese Mountain in the 1920's.

He shared the knowledge with healers when he brought it to western countries around 100 years ago.

Since Mikao Usui attuned many people and they in turn also trained and attuned many more since then, there are now many reiki practitioners who both use it for healing and who train others as well.

There are a number of levels of reiki, but regardless of how many levels you have attained you can use your reiki to charge your crystals and stones.

Not only will it charge them, but you can also use it in combination with white light to clear negativity.

It is easy and fast to do, and can be done by simply holding the stones in your hand and asking for it to be done. 

Crystal Singing Bowls Cleanse & Activate Crystals With Sound

If you are at all worried about how to charge crystals safely, using sound is a really easy way that is risk free to charge and activate your crystals.

I have a crystal singing bowl but is quite big so is harder to move from room to room, so I also use my Tibetan Singing bowl which is smaller, and easier to move from room to room.

As the strong vibration of the pure crystalline sound of your crystal singing bowl fills the crystals, it will drive out any negative energy, and fill them with positive energy.

The sound from a crystal bowl or a metal singing bowl has a strong resonance that will travel quite a long way, and is effective to charge crystals and people nearby. 

The sound will lift the vibration of any of your crystals that are close by, and the people in the room will also be filled with good vibrations as well.

I love playing my crystal bowl to lift the vibration of my home, as it resonates a powerful energy into its surroundings.

How To Charge Crystals: Using Tingsha Hand Cymbals 

An alternative way that also uses sound for activating crystals, is to use Tingsha hand cymbals also known as Tibetan chimes.

They are so easy to use, are small and quite light and can be easily picked up and taken from room to room.

They resonate with a high vibration, that will charge any stones in the vicinity, and as well will clear any negative energy in the room as well as activating the energy of crystals nearby.

It is as simple as moving them while holding the leather band and allowing them to touch together and ring out their amazing high pitched sound. 

The sound that emanates from them is powerful to assist you to relax and will also clear any disharmony from any stones you may choose to use in meditation.

How To Charge Crystals With A Quartz Cluster 

One of the top methods for how to charge crystals is to place them on top of a quartz cluster, and if possible a nice flat piece.

My collection has a number of lovely purple Amethyst Crystal clusters that are quite flat pieces bought especially for placing stones on top of.

There are a number of healing crystals for you to choose between for this purpose, and many varieties of quartz can be obtained as clusters, including Clear Quartz and Citrine.

At night I take off my rings and pendants and carefully place them on top of the cluster. It is also helpful to place new stones you buy, or ones you have been using on top of a quartz crystal cluster to recharge.

I have a cloth over one of my clusters, to ensure my jewelry doesn't get scratched by the points of the Amethyst crystal they sit on.

Many of you wear crystal jewelry all day, and this is a powerful way how to charge crystals at night when you are not wearing them.

Quartz resonates very well, and the energy will charge the stones if they are sitting on it or are close by.

You can also program your cluster to cleanse your crystals, and also to cleanse itself at the same time. While it will cleanse negativity from your stones regardless, this extra step can be helpful.

If you are not sure how to program quartz, check out my article that talks about this, as it has details on how to program your stones while you are in meditation.

How To Charge Crystals Using Selenite

Check out the lovely slab of Selenite below. Selenite is another excellent stone to utilize for this purpose.

In the case of Selenite I have flat pieces which are beneficial as they will not scratch your jewelry.

This is another way you can charge your crystals as these high vibration crystals work well to energize crystals once they have been cleansed.

But do also cleanse the Selenite regularly, as I believe that it may absorb negativity from the stones places on it. Some people say Selenite is self cleansing but cleanse it anyway!