How To Deprogram Crystals

by yujianghao on Sep 12, 2023

How To Deprogram Crystals 

I Made a Mistake, Can I Fix It?

Want to know how to deprogram crystals, if you believe after you have done it that you made a mistake? Be reassured that yes you can fix it and it's not hard to do.

When you first start with programming crystals you may lack confidence in how to program crystals and may feel you have made a mistake.

I very much doubt that you would have got it wrong, but if you feel uncomfortable about what you did, it's easy to remove the old program and start again.

Did you know that a number of crystal stores program crystals before selling them?

Many people do not know this, and there is no way of knowing if they have placed any program in the stone.

Sometimes what other people think is right for you may not be.

Help! I made a mistake & programmed it wrong!

Are you worried that what you did when programming your crystals didn't quite work out how you planned it.

Or maybe you wonder if the seller put a program into the crystal, that may not be quite suitable for what you desire the crystal to do for you.

So it may be beneficial to learn how to deprogram crystals so that you can clear any old programs that anyone else may have placed into the crystal.

Regardless of the reason why, it's easy to clear old programming in your crystals and start with a fresh clear stone.

Doing this is quite straightforward. Just deprogram your crystal and start the process again. 

Note: You can program single stones such as natural quartz points or tumblestones and you can program clusters, the process is the same.

Many quartz crystals may embody many powerful metaphysical properties but they can still be aided by adding a positive program that fits your specific needs.

Before you deprogram the crystal work out what is the reason for doing this and decide if adding a new program might benefit you.

Part of the process of learning how to program crystals is to think about making the best decisions possible about your personal reasons for programming a crystal before taking any action.

Then as part of the process to remove the old program you can add in a new one straight away and you can also program jewelry too.

Instructions About How To Deprogram Crystals

The method to remove a program is similar to the method to add a program.

  • Step 1: Cleanse your crystal using any method for cleansing crystals that is familiar to you and that you are comfortable with.
  • Step 2: Hold your crystal in your hand, the left hand commonly works better, or in both hands, but do whatever feels right to you.
  • Step 3: Relax yourself similar to going into a meditative state, and align yourself with your crystal's energy.
  • Step 4: In the same way that you put the program in, you need to connect with its energy.
  • Step 5 for how to deprogram crystals. Tell the crystal that you wish to remove the old program. Simply say:

"I ask that you clear, remove and cancel any program held in this crystal."

You ask that it removes any program, just in case there are programs in the crystal that you forgot were in there, or that were put in by someone else before it came to you.

Now you have removed the old program you can then use the instructions in the article about how to program crystals to place a new program into your stone.

FAQ: About How To Deprogram Crystals 

There are a couple of questions combined here as I have had people asking the same question related to how to deprogram crystals, in different ways including:

  • Can I add a second program to my crystal?

It is best to have only one main program in each crystal, but you may like to have a cleansing program as well. Just make sure that the ideals do not conflict with each other.

Once the crystal has assisted you to achieve the original aim, you may like to remove the program and start again.

Adding a second program may simply make both programs in-effective unless they are both quite similar.

When programming it, you can add a multi-faceted program, including self cleansing along with any other desirable ideas. But do this at the same time.

Later you may have forgotten exactly what it was programmed to do, and this might be because the program has done its job.

  • Help! I made a mistake and programmed it wrong.

Simply deprogram the crystal, using the instructions.

  • How do I change the program once its done its job?

The answer is to remove the program once it has achieved its aim as it is quite easy to doSee instructions above about how to deprogram your crystals.

Cleansing Crystals

Quartz crystals are easy to cleanse, and if you are not sure how its done, check out the article about cleansing crystals and see the link there with details about how to charge your crystals.

Please don't use salt or salt water to cleanse them as this can ruin your beautiful stones. 

There are a few methods for cleansing crystals in the article so check them out, as most are quite easy to use.