How to Dress a Crystal Ritual Candle

by yujianghao on Sep 05, 2023

How to Dress a Crystal Ritual Candle

Candle magic has a long history of use in many cultures across the globe (think candles in religious practice, for prayer or healing, and even wish-granting birthday candles atop a cake!). By dressing a candle with oils, herbs, and crystals you turn the candle into a tool for making magic. It becomes more than just a candle…it becomes a vessel for the energy and intention you’d like to bring into your ritual work.

Before you begin the process of creating your dressed candle, you’ll need to set an intention for the energy you’d like to call in. I suggest that you focus on just one word for your intention (something like love, abundance, magic, intuition, well-being, etc.).

Gather Your Candle-Dressing Supplies:

  1. You’ll need a candle of your choice for dressing. Choose a color that corresponds to your intention. If you need help matching up your candle color to your intention, check out this guide to color magic I’ve created for you. When choosing your candle, you’ll also want to consider size. I love working with the small ritual altar candles because they’re really easy to handle while dressing, and the short burn time works well for meditation, healing work, or spellcraft.
  2. You’ll also need a separate t-lite candle to help you with the dressing of your ritual candle.
  3. To make this a crystal ritual candle, you’ll need a very small stone (the little tumbled crystal chips seem to work best for candle dressing). The stone you choose should correspond to the intention you’ve chosen for your candle.
  4. You may also choose to include some dried herbs or flowers of your choice. Again, be sure these correspond to the intention or theme that you’ve set for this ritual candle. Only use herbs that are safe to burn; you can always do a bit of research if you’re uncertain about this. You should also avoid using any herbs that you might be allergic to. It’s best if the dried herbs are in fairly small pieces (but they don’t have to be turned to dust either). If you think of the size of the dried herbs in your kitchen spice rack, this is a good size to aim for.
  5. You’ll also need a small to medium-sized shallow dish. Glass or ceramic is great. Just be sure to choose something that will fit your chosen candle. When in doubt, a dinner plate usually works great.
  6. You’ll need a few drops of a carrier oil (like almond oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil). In a pinch, even a little olive oil can work just great (and this is what I end up using most often). Optionally, you may want to add a drop or two of an essential oil of your choosing. If you choose to add essential oil for fragrance, be sure to choose an oil that corresponds to the intention you’ve set for your candle.
  7. You might also want to grab a cotton swab or an eyedropper if you have one, but if you don’t have those things, don’t worry. You can just use your finger instead.
  8. Optionally, you’ll need a sharp, thin instrument (like a push pin, bent paper clip, etc.)
  9. Finally, you’ll need a lighter or some matches for lighting your candle once you’re ready to work with it.

How to Dress Your Crystal Ritual Candle:

Start by using your lighter or matches to light the candle. This will give you a working flame so that you can have both of your hands-free to dress your chosen ritual candle. Very carefully, hold the base of your chosen candle, the candle that you’ll be dressing for ritual, and hold an area near the top of the candle (but away from the wick) in the flame of the t-lite to soften a bit of the candle wax. I like to choose an area toward the top of the ritual candle to keep the flame of the t-lite away from my fingertips.

Be careful not to light the wick of your ritual candle while doing this. Once a small area of your ritual candle has been softened, carefully press your chosen crystal chip into the softened wax of the ritual candle while holding your intention in mind. By doing this, you’re embedding the intention that you’ve chosen into this candle, through the crystal (which is an amplifier of energy and intention). Be really careful not to burn yourself on the hot wax while pressing the crystal chip into the side of the ritual candle. Allow the candle wax a moment to firm back up after you’ve added the crystal chip. Be sure to extinguish the t-lite flame as soon as you’re done using this candle (and don’t leave it unsupervised at any time while it is lit).

Next, you have the option to use a thin sharp implement (like a bent paper clip or a small thumb tack) to carve your intention word into the side of your candle for a little extra magic and intention setting. Be sure to hold your intention in mind as you’re carving the word into the candle.

Then, if you’ve chosen to incorporate some essential oil into your carrier oil, add just a drop or two into the carrier oil and mix them together well. If you don’t want to use any essential oil, you may use the carrier oil as is. Using your finger, a cotton swab or an eyedropper, you can lightly coat the sides of the candle with the oil. Again, be sure to hold your intention in mind throughout this process.

Now, it’s time to use your chosen dried herbs or flowers. Sprinkle your dried herbs on the surface of your dinner plate (or your small glass or ceramic container) and roll the oiled candle in the herbs so that they stick to the surface of the candle. Hold your intention in mind throughout this process. Each thing that’s added to your candle is adding more intention and magic to your candle as a magical tool.

You now have a dressed ritual candle that is ready to be used now or saved for your next ritual! If you’d like to save this for a future ritual, I recommend wrapping it up in a small bit of waxed paper or parchment paper, and tying it closed with a string to keep the oil and herbs from getting on anything. I love this practice so much and I hope it’s one that you’ll enjoy experimenting with and creating many combinations of beautiful crystal intention candles for healing, magic, prayer, and more! When burning your crystal ritual candle, be sure it’s in a stable, fireproof candle holder and never leave it unattended – extinguish the flame thoroughly when you’re done working with it.

Do not ever leave incense, candles, or other forms of fire burning while unattended. Burn these items only in a fire-safe dish intended for this use (on a level, heat-resistant surface). Keep candles and incense away from children, pets, windows or drafty areas, and any combustible items.