How to manifest more LOVE into your life? Use these five crystals!

by yujianghao on Aug 31, 2023

How to manifest more LOVE into your life? Use these five crystals!

People often say love is the greatest power of them all, and as cheesy as it sounds, they’re not wrong. 


Since this universal energy makes us feel AMAZING, there’s no surprise we're drawn to it, right? We get inspired, motivated, and re-energized by it, but more importantly, we thrive in love.


Despite having different conceptions of love, we can all agree love is an energy that transcends barriers, feeds our souls, and is present in the things we cherish most in life. 


So, before we move forward, we want to invite you to open yourself to the idea that love is more than just romantic love. Despite what you've been told, love doesn't have to look or feel a certain way. Because it comes in many different forms, shapes, and intensities, it is even more special than you realized.


Ok, now, it's time to open your heart, so you can receive it, and let yourself be surprised by the way it decides to show up in your life!


Here are our five favorite crystals to help you manifest more love into your life:


crystals for love


Green Aventurine - Besides being known for luck, prosperity, and wealth, Green Aventurine is the ultimate heart healer! Its comforting energy protects and harmonizes the solar plexus chakra making it easy to invite love in! Place it on top of your heart while you’re resting to improve your self-esteem. Hold it with your left hand, and visualize the partner you want to call into your life. Or, simply carry it with as a good luck charm. Since it is known to bring forth new opportunities, we’re confident it will help you manifest not only more love but unconditional love.




Rose Quartz - Want love to be in the air? Place pieces of Rose Quartz all around you! Because this crystal irradiates compassion, tenderness, kindness, it can help you heal all matters of the heart. If you have unresolved heartache or low self-esteem, this is the right one for you. Using a Rose Quartz will prepare your heart for the love you’re meant to receive. But where to place them exactly? Here are the top 3 places we recommend: First, close to your mirrors. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also promote self-love and compassion. Second, in your bath/shower. Third, wear it close to your heart. Oh la la, talk about Placing Rose Quartz next to your mirrors will promote attracting and receiving more love. Now, here’s the catch. This crystal doesn’t only promote romantic love, so expect tons of beautiful, kind, and loving energies to come your way. Place them around your room to feel love all day, every day. You can also place them around your mirrors and inside the shower to promote self-love!  



Pink Amethyst - Regular Amethyst is already a fantastic crystal. But this newfound stone is an absolute force of nature! Because of its soft pink color, it is considered to be the feminine counterpart to the traditional deep-purple Amethyst. The yin to its yang.The feminine to its masculine. It’s important to mention its natural ability to raise our frequency and relieve stress. This mysterious gemstone will help you heal, balance, and comfort your emotions. It is excellent to work on the ones related to love and heartbreak. Hold a pink amethyst on your left hand while journaling about the type of love you want to invite into your life. Once you finish writing, switch hands and read your thoughts out loud. This ritual will help you let the universe know what you’re ready to receive.



Malachite - Malachite is ideal for working on your commitment issues and self-worth. It holds some of the most powerful heart energies, allowing you to cleanse this chakra and encouraging you to take action. Malachite will help you attract the right partner in love, life, and business. This crystal perfectly complements the rose quartz, as it holds masculine energy. Sit in front of a mirror while holding it in your left hand and repeat the following affirmations: I am worthy. I am love. And I’m deserving of true love. Do it for 21 days, and it will significantly increase your self-worth. If you recently went through a nasty heartbreak, place it between your throat and solar plexus chakra. It will remove any negative patterns and transform your emotional energy.




Jasper: Jasper is the ultimate rockstar: Strong and powerful. This crystal is a natural aphrodisiac associated with emotional strength, as it is thought to increase your sexual desire. Lie down, and place your Jasper on top of your womb. Once you’ve found a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths. Once you've cleared your mind say the following: I invite the highest vibration of love and light to come into my life. I am ready to manifest more love into my life. I recognize my divine power and embrace my sexual desires. This ritual will transform your energy field and transform you into a magnet for love, passion, desire, and sensuality.


Listen to your gut, and choose the crystal that speaks to you. We’re sure it will bring just the kind of love you’re meant to receive.