Isle Of Skye Marble:Raises Awareness & Aids Clear Thinking

by yujianghao on Sep 17, 2023

Isle Of Skye Marble:Raises Awareness & Aids Clear Thinking

Skye Marble has a peaceful serene vibration which will help you if you are using them for meditation as they have a calming soothing energy.

It has a strong Spiritual energy that raises your consciousness.

Its energy boosts your awareness of your connection with Spirit, and may help to encourage clearer thinking.

These stones have good healing properties, and are known to stimulate the brain. 

They are excellent healing crystals for you to use in meditation as they are a powerful aid if you are working to boost your connection within the higher realms.

These stones have a supportive energy if you are working on your spiritual growth and have a strong desire to elevate your consciousness and make a deeper Spiritual connection.

This may assist you to more easily attain the frame of mind needed for successful meditation, and by doing meditation with them on a regular basis can aid the path to ascension. 

The energy of the area where these stones originate have embodied them with a highly spiritual and mystical vibration.

This energy may help you to more easily piece the veil and make a connection with loved ones in Spirit,  known as mediumship or channeling Spirit.

Where Is It From? Skye Marble Meaning

The name of this unusual stone relates to the location where it is found on the lovely Isle of Skye.

This island is the largest island in the Hebrides, located off the western coast of Scotland.

The meaning of this islands name is said to have come from an old Norse word "Sky-a" meaning cloud island.  This is a quite beautiful island which is also called The Isle Of Mists. 

This marble is said to be the only true marble that is found in Britain, and is said to have been created by the heating and recrystallizing of limestone in ancient times.

The mineral make-up of marble is calcium carbonate or crystallized dolomite and is a type of metamorphosed limestone.

The green inclusions in these stones is said to be serpentine.

These crystals have a quite attractive appearance, with a unique combination of colors, with many occurring in lovely pastel colors.

These colors include white, pink, grey, yellow, various shades of green including pale green and black, with unusual and unique markings.

Like many stones found in this area of Scotland, they show a wide variation of patterns in the stone, making them very distinctive and quite unique.

It is said that this stone isn't mined, but that it is collected from the sea by divers, off the coast of this island. 

Why Would You Use Skye Marble? 

We are living in a time where there has been a greater need for all of us to connect with Spirit on a regular basis in order to find our own authentic connection with Spirit and our spirit guides. 

These gorgeous stones are powerful healing crystals for you to utilize in meditation as they have a strong vibration that generates serenity and tranquility.

While all colors boost peaceful feelings, the lovely pink colored Skye Marble resonates within the heart chakra, stimulating increased well being and harmony.

Their vibration brings a gentle soothing energy to your life, grounding love into the physical plane.

Their vibration will assist you to connect with Spirit more easily and will assist spiritual healing and growth, especially if you have been working on your spirituality.

Peace & Deep Spiritual Healing

Use this stone in meditation to make a connection with beings in the higher spiritual realms.

Don't know how to meditate? Check out my page with tips and instructions to help you to easily learn to meditate.

These crystals have a profoundly  spiritual energy, that may aid you to make a connection with your guides, and may assist you to go extremely deep in meditation.

They resonate within both the third eye and the crown chakra, and make a strong clear connection to Spirit which may aid spiritual healing and growth.

These stones have excellent metaphysical properties that will assist you to more easily look inwards in meditation.

As you allow yourself to embrace a more serene frame of mind, it will be easier to enter the silence and stillness and make a deep spiritual connection. 

The Isle Of Skye has long been known as a beautiful misty island which shrouds the land, obscuring sight and creating a captivating veil across the land.

This veil is a sign of potent spiritual energy that may assist you to discover how to part the veil between your normal world and Spirit.

The time spent over eons of time has embodied this energy into this beautiful serene stone.

Their unique vibration may assist you to make a profound connection to Spiritual beings in the higher realms, and the inner peace they produce makes this so much easier.

 How Will It Help You? Healing Properties

Skye Marble, like other types of marble, has a number of excellent healing properties.

All types of marble are known for their action to assist the healing of both viral and bacterial infections.

They are also said to help conditions where a need for increased flexibility may be advantageous, such as issues where there is pain in the lower back. 

Marble is also said to aid afflictions related to the bone marrow, and their energy may be beneficial to aid issues where stiffness is causing complications.

It may aid health problems where there is a need for greater pliability or flexibility, both in bodily functions and in your thinking.

Their healing properties may also be beneficial to assist naturopaths and homeopaths, aiding them to discover answers to the health problems of their clients.

How To Use It: Wearing Skye Marble 

Keeping a piece of this stone on your body as you go about your daily life is highly beneficial.

There are a number of benefits of Skye Marble jewelry, and fortunately pieces of lovely jewelry made from this stone are fairly easy to obtain. 

Wearing a beautiful pendant made from Skye marble will assist you to strengthen your connection with the Divine.

It is also said to assist a connection to the magical and mystical realms.

They are known as crystals to assist stress as they have a lovely tranquil energy that is known to calm you and help you to release stress and tension.

Having a piece on your body during the day may assist you to feel calmer and more peaceful as you go about your daily activities.

In addition keep a piece in the bedroom, as its soothing vibration may help you to relax and go to sleep more easily.

Who Should Use It? 

My final thoughts: for more than any other reason these stones are powerful to assist you when you are reaching out to spirit and connecting with your spirit guides.

Hold your stone in your hand, or if you are wearing it, letting it make skin contact to improve its connection. As you relax reach out and ask your guides to assist you in the process.

Allow yourself to slip into deep inner awareness, releasing your day to day worries and permitting yourself to connect with with loved ones who have passed over.

If you have a flat piece of stone, you may choose to lie with it on your third eye while meditating, where it may work to stimulate the birth of  spiritual gifts.

In summary: These lovely stones have a good healing energy, and like all other types and colors of marbles are also known for their action to stimulate the brain.

Generally speaking marble is a strong resilient crystal, and the robustness of this stone also applies to its energy and how it can benefit you in your day to day life.

This stones vibration may assist the growth of patience and may boost your resolve to continue even if you are finding that the situation that you find yourself in is a little tough.

Best Crystals To Use With Skye Marble

What are the best crystals to combine with Skye Marble?

One of the most outstanding metaphysical properties of these stones is their ability to assist you to more easily sink into a deep state of meditation. 

By aiding you to feel calm and at ease as you allow yourself to reach a totally relaxed state, you may be enabled to get to the point where you can develop both spiritual and psychic gifts.

To get the most out of them, use them in combination with other strong meditation stones, that also assist you to slip into a deeper state and allow a journey in the higher realms.

Some of the stones that may be beneficial to use with them includes Blue Apatite, Mariposite, Stilbite or Trolleite.

This vibration of stone is known to be helpful to assist you if you wish to make a connect to loved ones in spirit as they are known to aid mediumship or channeling spirit.

If you wish to step up the action of these stones, it may be beneficial to combine them with other stones that aid this type of spirit contact, including Blue TourmalineShattuckite, Merlinite or Sugilite.

To boost their ability to assist you to tolerate delays, use them with some of the other crystals for patience such as Labradorite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Howlite or Emerald stones. 

These stones are well known for their action to stimulate the brain, and are known to help many people to think more clearly.

If you feel that you have a need for clearer thinking and aren't sure how to obtain this type of thought, you may find that using it with specific stones that are known to aid clarity may be helpful.

Specific stones for mental clarity includes Citrine, Crazy Lace Agate, Azurite and Thomsonite.

As all type of marble have similar attributes for healing, so you may like to use any of them together to boost this energy.

Marbles that you could choose to use together for this purpose includes the lovely Irish marble called Connemara Marble, Picasso Marble or Iona Marble, also found in Scotland.