Petoskey Stone:Embodies Mystical Magical Energy

by yujianghao on Sep 11, 2023

Petoskey Stone:Embodies Mystical Magical Energy 

Petoskey Stone is known as a magical or mystical crystal that may may heighten psychic gifts and strengthen intuition. They also help to enhance your creativity.

Their energy commonly stimulates channeling ability or mediumship through their vibration within the third eye and crown chakras.

These unusual stones are known to assist the healing of a number of issues.

This includes helping to heal infectious diseases and they may boost emotional healing.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use as they have a number of other valuable healing properties.

Where Is It Found? Petoskey Stone Meaning

The meaning of the name of these stones relates to the location where they are found, both on the beach and in sand dunes on Lake Michigan, in the area of Petoskey in Michigan in the United States.

The name of this location is said to mean 'rising sun'. These stones were named as Michigan's state stone in 1965. 

It is said that the area was originally named for the Ottawa Indian Chief Pet-O-Sega.  He was the son of a local woman from Ottawa with his father being a French fur trader.

Pet-O-Sega was known to have settled in this area in Michigan and gave it its name.  

There is also another theory on the meaning of this stones name that suggests that the name came from the word Bidasiga, which is said to be a Native American word meaning "Rays of the Living Sun".

What Is Petoskey Stone? 

Petoskey Stone is a type of hexagonaria fossil that dates to around 350 million years ago, and were originally a type of coral. 

These rocks are unusual as many pieces of this stone clearly show the characteristic six sided shape or pattern of the original coral.

The color of this fossilized regose coral is commonly in shades of brownish grey, but although these are less common, they may be pink or yellowish pink.

See the unusual orangey pink stone below.

The well known white six sided shape only becomes visible when the stone is wet, or is tumbled and polished.

These stones were formed by glaciers, when ice movement sheared off sections of the bedrock. Over time this action smoothed loose pieces and created the pebbles or stones.

Small fossilized coral pebbles and larger pieces of stone, comprised of beautiful full coral heads have been found,  and some are on show in the local museum of the area.

Why Would You Use Petoskey Stone? 

Like many stones, one of the more advantageous ways to use these crystals is in meditation, and they are particularly beneficial crystals to use when channeling beings in the spirit world.

This includes mediumship, when you are working to communicate with loved ones who are on the other side in Spirit.

The energy of these stones may help to ensure that the information received from those in the spirit world, with whom you are communicating, comes through yo you accurately.

The vibration of these crystals is known to help to prevent vexatious or prankish spirits from hindering proper communication with those on the other side.

Their energy is also said to prevent these types of naughty troublesome beings from interfering when you are working with Spirit or your guides.

So they are helpful to aid you when you are doing any sort of spiritual work.

These stones resonate within the sacral chakra which is helpful to enhance your creativity.

Although they are not common, the orange crystals in particular may help you to clarify the specific type of creative work that you would like as a career.

Mystical & Magical Gifts: How Will It Help You?

These crystals have a good magical and mystical energy that can be very effective to help you if you work with magic.

They may be an advantageous addition if you are working on developing specific gifts that relate to magical or mystical spiritual talents, especially if this is all fairly new to you.

Many of these stones have a quite obvious eye configuration showing, see the piece below, and these are known to be particularly useful to stimulate magical ability.

The eye configuration in the stone is said to stimulate the third eye chakra and using them may enhance  magical or mystical work as they stimulate the area where psychic site originates.

They have an excellent energy to aid the release of magical gifts that are within you which have not yet come to light. They may be fully realized by working with these magical stones.

Mediumship: Who Should Use It? 

The ability to be able to connect to the spirits of those who have passed over is known as channeling or mediumship.

This gift is helpful to reassure many people that there is life after you pass away.

This is why many spiritual churches have mediums visiting, who work on the platform to assist those present to connect with their loved ones who are in Spirit.

It is of course advantageous to be able to make this connection yourself, and learn information from your loved ones on the other side, that may benefit your life.

If you wish to use them for this purpose, regular meditation using them will be helpful. You may also like to use them with other stones for this purpose.

For those of you that are interested in this aspect of their energy, check out the section further down where you can discover other crystals that also stimulate mediumship ability.

Petoskey Stone Facts

One of the other ways that these unusual stones can help you, is their energy to boost your ability to see psychic visions when in meditation and they may also enhance your intuitive ability.

The energy of the third eye chakra is helpful to enhance your life in a number of ways, and these stones have a good action to boost the way this chakra works within your life.

These stones are both third eye and crown chakra stones. Using them at the crown chakra is powerful to boost spiritual healing as well as boosting spiritual growth. 

They also have a good energy to assist you to develop your intuitive gifts. They resonate well within the third eye, which is the location of the pineal gland.

By stimulating this area, by meditating with a stone at the third eye,  you may energize the birth of psychic gifts including clairvoyance or psychic visions. 

How To Use It: Healing Properties

Petoskey Stone has a number of healing properties including its action to not only assist physical healing but are also of value to aid spiritual and emotional healing.

It has a good energy to assist the emotions, and its vibration may be very beneficial to assist you if you are having emotional problems that require healing.

These brown crystals have a good action action to aid emotional healing.

They may be useful to assist with the release of guilt, especially when it's related to lack of family acceptance related to your lifestyle choices.

If you work in a job where that may be physically dangerous, keep a piece on the body as their energy is known to be protective of the head and the area around it.

Their vibration is also known to be useful to heal infections and may be advantageous to use to boost the immune system to prevent infections taking hold.

It is also known to stimulate healing of problems in the eyes and the lungs, and is said to assist with the healing of tumors and issues within the blood and glandular system.

Use if you have broken bones, as it is purported to aid the healing of broken bones.

Some Thoughts

My Final Thoughts: These crystal have a number of powerful properties that make them advantageous healing crystals for you to use on a regular basis in meditation.

While its not common to see jewelry made from this stone, it may be beneficial for you to keep a piece of this stone on your body.

One way you can do this with ease is by putting your piece of Petoskey Stone in a

macrame crystal holder.

It's easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, which makes it easy  to wear it every day if you wish to.

It is also simple to change the stone in it, as it has a bead that simply slides up and down to allow you to replace the stone you are using, so that is also helpful.

In summary: these stones have a good number of excellent metaphysical properties, which can be boosted by using them in meditation.

Lie down to meditate with them and place your stone on your forehead close to the third eye, to stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, such as mediumship or clairvoyance.

To boost magical or mystical gifts, expect their energy to work more slowly, so it might be advantageous to keep your stone close to where you spend the most time, or wear it on your body.

Best Crystals To Use With Petoskey Stone

What are the best crystals to combine with Petoskey Stone?

If you wish to boost how they work for magical work, you may choose to use them in combination with other magical or mystical crystals to help you.

There are quite a few well known crystals that enhance mystical or magical work that you might choose to use them with including Labradorite, Blue Barite, Jet  or Chalcopyrite.

If you feel that you need extra help with seeing psychic visions, also called clairvoyance, there are a number of other stones that you might also use for this purpose.

Some stones that you could combine with them to stimulate your clairvoyant gifts  includes Melikaria, White Topaz, Blue Apatite and Pietersite.

Channeling or mediumship is a gift that some people are born with, but can also be developed, if you persist with it.

If you'd like more help to assist you to develop this gift, combine these stones with Skye Marble, Novaculite, Pollucite or Yttrium Fluorite, as they are all beneficial for this purpose.

To aid emotional healing you may choose to combine them with Chrysocolla, Blue Hemimorphite, Green Diopside or Green Garnets such as Uvarovite Garnet, as they are all good stones to help with healing emotional issues.

Combining them with other third eye stones can be effective if you wish to stimulate this very important area, and this may be helpful to aid you to develop psychic gifts.

Some of the third eye chakra stones that you might like to use with these crystals includes Atacamite, Creaseyite, Purple Scapolite or Amethyst.

These stones have a good action to trigger your creative gifts, and will combine well with other stones that are known to activate your creativity such as Carnelian, Sunstone, Tangerine Quartz or Pecos Diamond.