Poppy Jasper:Boosts Imagination & Happiness

by yujianghao on Sep 12, 2023

Poppy Jasper:Boosts Imagination & Happiness

Poppy Jasper are quite beautiful stones that may infuse you with an increase of joy and happiness. 

They stimulate your imagination and assist you to be more organized.

They encourage positive energy and good health and are helpful to balance the female-male energy in the body.

Their energy may also help you to get over feelings of stress, anxiety and depression and may boost motivation.

The energy of these stones can also be helpful to encourage less athletic people to exercise more. By stimulating your energy it may help you to feel more motivated to get out and do more activity.

Crystal Tip: Through their powerful effect within your base or root chakra, they are known to stimulate your libido, so may aid relationships.

Where Is It From? Poppy Jasper Meaning

The name of these beautiful crystals relates to the bright Poppy Red color of many of these stones.

Poppy Jasper is a type of Brecciated Jasper found in Morgan Hill in California as well as some other areas of the United States.

It is also found in Germany, France, China, Russia, South Africa and India. 

The meaning of the word jasper relates to crystals that are a mixture of microgranular quartz, chalcedony and various other minerals.

Stones in the jasper family are usually red, brown, yellow or green, often mixed.

This stone is a type of orbicular jasper, which means that it often has circular or orbicular patterns showing on the stone. 

It occurs in shades of lovely bright red as well as darker brick red, and can have mottled, spotted or speckled sections that may be colored white, cream, black, brown or yellow.

Why Would You Use Poppy Jasper?

These lovely red crystals are known for their action to bring an increase of joy and happiness into your life.

The energy of Poppy Jasper is interesting as its both soothing and energizing. Their vibration may help if you are feeling apathetic and need a boost.

They are good healing crystals for you to use if you lacking enthusiasm for doing much, as they enhance motivation and may galvanize you to take action when required.

They may be especially helpful if you need to exercise more as they encourage you to increase your level of activity.

By motivating you to exercise more, this activity may improve your overall level of fitness.

They are known to balance the yin-yang energies, meaning that they help to harmonize the male and female facets of your temperament. 

They are also useful if you are a writer or if you work in an area that requires imaginative or innovative thinking as they are known to boost your imagination.

They are excellent crystals to boost your organizational ability, so you may also find this aspect is advantageous.

Being more organized is helpful in many areas of your life, and this crystal may help you to develop a more effective and systematic way of acting.

For this purpose either keep it on your body or nearby during the day. You may also choose to have a piece in the bedroom.

Having a piece of this stone nearby while you are sleeping may also enhance your ability to recall your dreams.

Wearing Poppy Jasper

They are quite beautiful crystals and if you can find Poppy Jasper jewelry they will have a good effect to assist you depending on your need.

Beads made from Poppy Jasper may also be found selling as Brecciated Jasper, as they are a variety of this stone.

Wearing them is helpful and I like having a Poppy Jasper bracelet as you can easily hold it and take advantage of its healing properties when you feel the need to either calm down or be energized.

Major Poppy Jasper Chakra: How Will It Help You? 

While it works within all chakras, the major Poppy Jasper chakra is the base or root chakra where it is known to boost you physically.

They are very well known as beneficial base chakra stones, and this area relates to reproduction and intimate relationships.