Stressful Times? Here Are Our 6 Favorite Crystals to Help with Anxiety.

by yujianghao on Aug 31, 2023

Stressful Times? Here Are Our 6 Favorite Crystals to Help with Anxiety.

Have you been grinding your teeth lately? Feeling out of breath? Procrastinating? Or feeling overwhelmed? Then you, my friend, seem to be experiencing high levels of anxiety! 


In times like these, it seems like the "normal" thing to do is go into fight or flight mode. But here's a little secret: You don't have to! Sure, it may seem like the world is falling apart, but try to focus on your world, and your world only. At least for a bit!


As we all know. stress can be a major contributing factor to anxiety and depression. And, while it's important to find out the root cause of your stress and learn ways to manage it, sometimes you need a little extra help with calming your mind.


When therapy, journaling, or yoga don't seem to work anymore, its time to give crystals a try! Here are our six favorite crystals to help with anxiety:


crystals for anxiety and stress


Lepidolite: Lepidolite is a calming stone that helps you reduce anxiety. It's particularly beneficial for those who experience sleep disorders and nightmares because of it. This crystal also clears out electromagnetic pollution so it will create a clean space for you to rest unbothered. Lepidolite can also be used to clear blockages, opening your heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Because Lepidolite helps with attuning your intuition, it's likely you'll find your own medicine. We specifically recommend this crystal if you're having obsessive thoughts and insomnia. Lepidolite will help you cope with changes and accept them. If you've been feeling on edge, or have been experiencing panic attacks, Lepidolite is without a doubt the crystal to work with!



crystals for anxiety and stress


Blue Calcite: Blue calcite is an energy cleanser. It's perfect for when you're feeling low or dense energy around you. Because it is also a powerful amplifier, it will speed up your healing and development process. Blue calcite helps transmute dense emotions, making it an excellent choice if you are experiencing feelings of rage, anger or disparity. It will also lower your blood pressure and dissolve pain as it soothes your nerves. Blue Calcite improves mental clarity, enhances relaxation, and releases negativity out of the body. This crystal is very perfect to help you keep things in perspective so use it when faced with tough decisions or problems. Working with Blue Calcite will help you see what needs to be done now, and leave the rest for later, calmly.




Amethyst: The ultimate protector! Amethyst is known for improving moods when they're low. If you suffer from PTSD and ADD/ADHD, Amethyst is your greatest ally! Because it naturally releases tension in your entire body, it can be used to ease headaches, and other stress related pains. At a subtle level, Amethyst will start cleansing your aura, transmuting negative energy and stimulating your chakras. The perfect stone for people who are constantly on the go and have difficulty slowing down. Amethyst can also help with insomnia, stomach ulcers and addiction recovery, releasing the tension in the mind and body. Extra tip: Place a Rose Quartz next to an Amethyst, it will elevate the healing properties of both stones!




Blue Lace Agate: If you find yourself feeling angry, jealous or envious, Blue Lace Agate will calm you down. This blue crystal also gives the wearer protection against evil thoughts and intentions coming from others. Blue Lace Agate exudes a soft and calming energy, and can bring peace to the mind. It will help you express your pain, suffering and anger, aiding in the process of letting it out to letting it go. This crystal is an excellent companion to helping you alleviate stress and anxiety as it also increases focus, energy and self-confidence. Use this stone when feelings of panic and fear appear, it will dissolve them and help you minimize your sense of worry or impending doom.



Rhodonite: This crystal is an emotional balancer, perfect for transmuting painful emotions. Because Rhodonite activates the pineal gland, it will intuitively guide you to balance your masculine and feminine energies. Rhodonite is best for grounding and easing tension in your body. Great for deepening your meditation and supporting you on a soul level. If your anxiety comes from feelings of betrayal, abandonment or abuse, this crystal is the one to work with! Rhodonite is one of the most helpful crystals, especially for those who are experiencing an intense amount of stress. Use it whenever you feel out of yourself, it will ground you and lead to a sense of calmness and peace. One of the best ways to use Rhodonite is by carrying it around in your pocket or purse. This will allow you to have it on hand at all times without losing it or forgetting about it! The energy from the stone will transfer through your clothes and into your body, helping you stay grounded and centered amidst stressful moments.




Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is one of the most popular stones, connecting to your heart chakra. And you may not know it, but part of its multiple benefits is reducing stress. This gentle stone has a calming effects on the mind, body, and soul. Work with Rose Quartz if you want to boost your emotional balance and inner peace. It will help you relax after a stressful situation so keep it on your desk, around your neck, or take a long bath with it. Because Rose Quartz also strengthens the physical heart, it will help you release impurities out of your body. Rose Quartz will also teach you how to love yourself, anxiety or not. Use it to replace negative energy for loving vibes all around your house, work and life.


As usual, we encourage you to work with the one that you feel called to at this time. Meditate with them, carry them with you, and don't be afraid of asking them for help. After a while, your mood will improve and even though anxiety may not disappear completely at times, it will become more manageable. 


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