The Best Crystals for Taurus

by yujianghao on Aug 31, 2023

The Best Crystals for TaurusThe Best Crystals for Taurus

Taurus season is April 20th through May 21st. Crystals can support you during this time whether you have Taurus in your astrology chart or you want to be in tune with the current energy. Covered here are the best six crystals for Taurus: rose quartz, tiger's eye, rhodonite, jade, malachite, and carnelian. 
The Taurus Archetype
The Taurus archetype symbolizes connecting with your body, pleasure, and needs. Taurus represents very tactile energy, being influenced by the feel of things, textures, moods, and surroundings. Here are some key themes to keep in mind for the Taurus zodiac sign: 
Taurus Key Themes 
  • Sensuality 
  • Embodiment 
  • Pleasure
  • Beauty 
  • Peace
  • Abundance 
  • Gradual change 
  • Aesthetics 
  • Love & Attraction
  • Romance
  • Grounding
  • Stability 
  • Resources + Finances
  • Pragmatism 
Taurus Element: Earth 
All of the zodiac signs are in one of the four-element categories: earth, water, air, or fire. Taurus is in the earth category along with Virgo and Capricorn. This explains some of the characteristics of this sign which include practicality, connection to nature, desire for stability, and a generally savoring and slower approach to life.
The earth element also relates to the color green and therefore the way that certain stones resonate with this zodiac sign. During the Taurus season life can shift into a more embodied state, allowing you more space to pay attention to your pleasure, self-care, and the experiences you have in your physical body. 
Being an earth sign speaks to what is taken in through the senses. Crystals that enhance this earthy expression tend to resonate with the energy of this time. Gemstones that are either green in color or carry the grounding, stabilizing, and resource-abundant vibrations will work well for the magic that can be found in Taurus season 2022. 
The Six Best Gemstones for Taurus 
Key Meanings: Prosperity, peace, heart-centered, stability 
Jade is a beautiful opaque classy green gemstone that carries gentle and harmonizing vibrations. The Sun in Taurus happens at the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere when spring flowers are blooming. It is a time of enjoyment and excitement around newness and fresh energy. Jade aligns well with these themes, symbolizing new growth and prosperity. 
Taurus also represents the hard work and dedication that goes into growing the things in life that you want. There is a season for planting and enjoying the process that comes with creating abundance in your life. Carrying jade around during this time can bring you into harmony with all of nature and the slow growth cycles that lead to long-term stability. 
Jade also reminds you to be aligned with your Heart Chakra, exploring the soft spaces within that open you up to a sense of peace and presence. This stone eases tensions letting you ground into your experiences as they unfold. You can find inner steadiness when wearing jade. You may also notice that having this stone around enhances your relationship with your garden, houseplants, or other greenery in your life. 
Tiger’s Eye
Key Meanings: Warmth, compassion, hospitality, balance, protection 
Tiger’s eye has a deep yellow-orange and brown stripes that reveal its spiritual properties as an earthy stone that also holds warmth and connection. It is just like the Taurus who holds space for others, expressing hospitality, comfort, and care to those around them. 
Taurus tends to be very thoughtful in setting up an environment in which love, compassion, and self-care can thrive. Tiger’s eye is perfect for enhancing these qualities, bringing the spirit of generosity into your surroundings. 
Like a container, Taurus creates beautiful and luxuriously comfortable spaces where all can feel welcome and cared for. Tiger's eye helps manifest the gathering around the hearth and togetherness. It is also a protective stone, adding a layer of calm, safety, and peace into the spaces you inhabit and nest in. 
Key Meanings: Self-love, self-worth, life purpose, awakening gifts and talents 
Rhodonite is a gorgeous deep pink crystal that represents generosity, compassion, and love. It is perfect for the Taurus soul wanting to go deep into a self-love journey. The warmth and earthy vibrations of this gemstone symbolize compassionately approaching the self. This is a stone of deep self-acceptance, unconditional love, and rooting into your self-worth.
This zodiac sign is of the fixed modality, which means there can be a tendency to get stuck at times. The slow, gentle pacing preferred by Taurus, can sometimes turn into stagnation. Therefore, rhodonite can be helpful to gently loosen energetic boundaries on a path towards unearthing your true talents along with the motivation to express them. 
Keep this stone around if you are feeling like you are ready to step into your power, unique gifts, and abilities in a gentle way. Rhodonite sweetly aligns you with your purpose helping you figure out your next steps. It helps you understand how the things that make you special can be shared with everyone around you. 
Rose Quartz
Key Meanings: Healing, love, stress relief, sweetness
Rose quartz is perfect for a Taurus who wants to express their sweetness. This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, love, and affection. The soothing pink vibration of this gemstone assists Taurus in embodying this aspect of their zodiac sign. You can adorn yourself with rose quartz to radiate healing energies and love. 
In addition, this gemstone assists in reducing stress and bringing one into a state of calm. It is also associated with the Heart Chakra and the water element, making it a perfect gemstone for tenderly mending a broken heart, grief, and similar emotional states. It is also a very supportive ally when working through issues around self-acceptance and self-love. 
Rose quartz can be great in a gem water elixir, which can support you in creating a protective bubble of love around you when you are in need of more gentleness in your life. Like the rose, this gemstone is beautiful and strong. Taurus also embodies these qualities, carrying strength, determination, and resilience with delicate beauty. 
Key Meanings: Co-creation, manifestation, luck, creativity, protection 
This copper-based green gemstone is perfect for Taurus’ love of crafting, creativity, and artistry. Copper is a conductor of energy and carrying this tone can help you unlock creativity and passion. This stone is paired with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which awakens confidence in your skills and abilities. 
Malachite helps you align with the universe so you can co-create the life that you want. It prompts you to take action towards manifesting your dreams and working towards your success. It is said to bring good luck and positivity. This is an excellent stone to keep in your business or around your workspace for increased wealth and abundance. 
This is also a very protective stone, which allows you to reinforce your boundaries as needed. Keep a piece of malachite in your pocket when you are feeling you need to keep your heart open yet protected. 
Key Meanings: Action, courage, physical body, sexual expression 
Carnelian is a red-orange gemstone that puts you in touch with your physical body. It helps to charge up physical strength and stamina. Taurus is known for their endurance and is often the person helping everyone see something through to the end. Carnelian enhances this useful trait and supports Taurus in not getting burned out along the way. 
In addition, Taurus tends to love all things romance and indulgence making the intimacy aspects that carnelian can awaken perfect for this sign. Carnelian puts you in touch with your sexual expression and opens your ability to create meaningful emotional and physical connections with others. Carnelian is supportive in helping you to take action in relationships and express yourself in love situations with confidence. 
The Takeaway for the Best Gemstones for Taurus 
Taurus is an earthy sign who appreciates beautiful and comfortable surroundings. Working with gemstones that resonate with this energy will link you to your physical body’s needs and desires, the elements of nature, and the beauty of your soul from the inside out. Taurus energy reminds you that growth happens slowly so you can appreciate each moment of the journey.