Throat Chakra:Relates To Communication, Hearing & Psychic Gifts

by yujianghao on Sep 14, 2023

Throat Chakra:Relates To Communication, Hearing & Psychic Gifts

The throat chakra is related to the area of the body close to the throat and within the neck.

It also oversees the health of other organs in the general area of the neck, including both the ears and the thyroid gland.

It may be of value for you to fully understand this chakras meaning before you begin to use the many powerful crystals and stones that have a positive effect within this area.

It is extremely valuable to ensure this area is healthy. This is because it's energy relates to how you live your life, both emotionally and spiritually

It also aids the physical health of this area of the body. This is especially significant if you wish to ensure that the words you speak are in alignment with the ideas and ideals that you hold as important to you.

The Throat Chakra Explained

The Throat Chakra Explained Simply:

Throat chakra stones not only help the health of the physical throat but also assist the spiritual or etheric areas that this chakra governs.

This chakra relates to the more esoteric concepts of communicating.

By ensuring you have a healthy throat area you assist truthful and honest expression of your ideas.

Ideals such as hearing your inner voice, and the energy of speech which aids you with speaking your truth, are related to the throat chakra.

The psychic gift of clairaudience or psychic hearing is governed by this area, as this chakras energy covers the area of the ears and the throat, and aids all organs in this region of the body.

Where Is The Throat Chakra? Chakra Meanings

While it may seem simple, perhaps you are not totally sure where the throat chakra actually is?

  • The throat chakra or 5th chakra is located in the neck, above the collarbone.
  • The throat chakra meanings are associated with hearing, speaking, listening and communicating.
  • It is the area of the body where your communication abilities emerge, and is associated with hearing, including psychic hearing.

This chakras meaning is all about the concept of 'speaking' especially in a metaphysical sense, and with hearing in a psychic sense.

It is fundamentally to do with communication and self expression and is associated with aspects of spiritual healing.

This chakra is strongly associated with the health of the thyroid gland, but it also aids the health of all organs in the area, including the eyes.

Physically this chakras primary function is to manage the bronchial area, the esophagus, the nose, ears and mouth.

Chakra Colors: Blue Healing Stones

This chakra primarily resonates to the color blue and blue crystals have a strong action within this chakra.

There are many beautiful healing crystals and stones in a range of blue shades that can be easily obtained, and many are stunning stones to look at. 

In particular you may wish to buy some of the more powerful blue chakra stones, including Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Eilat Stone, Blue Lace Agate and Blue Sodalite.

How do throat chakra stones help you?

  • The key word of communication is vital This chakra relates to our ability to communicate with both our higher self and the Divine mind, and this is extraordinarily important.
  • One of the important communications governed by this chakra, is the clairaudient communication with your spirit guides.

If you work on contacting your spirit guide, this will aid you in your overall spiritual and psychic development.

If you develop the psychic communication abilities of this chakra you can make an enormous difference to your spirituality and healing.

If you wish to learn about throat chakra stones and how using them can help you, there is another indepth page on the subject.

Enjoy working with this chakra to improve your communication abilities!