What Crystal Invites Good Fortune Into Your Life? Pyrite does!

by yujianghao on Aug 30, 2023

What Crystal Invites Good Fortune Into Your Life? Pyrite does!What Crystal Invites Good Fortune Into Your Life? Pyrite does!


What Crystal Invites Good Fortune Into Your Life? Pyrite does!


Indeed, some people are just born lucky. Lucky enough to ace an exam without studying, or to get their dream job without even applying for it. But there are ways you can increase your luck, and one of them is by using Pyrite. 


What are they? Pyrite are crystals made of iron sulfide, but because they're so shiny and gold-colored, they're often mistaken for gold. It looks so similar that it's commonly known as fool's gold. 


Because of their rare beauty, Pyrite crystals have been used for decades as good luck charms, but, do they really work? 


Let us tell you some of its benefits so you can make up your own mind:


• It has a strong, protective energy and repels unwanted energy

• Invites wealth and abundance into one's life

• Attracts positivity 

• Supercharges creativity and boosts productivity

• Helps move past procrastination and self-doubt


Huh? Convinced?


In our experience, Pyrite can bring a lot of benefits into your life! Because its natural energy is SO magnetic, it will almost instantly start attracting more positive things towards you. THIS is why they say it brings GOOD LUCK (and we couldn't agree more)!



Pyrites are an unusual type of crystal, so you'll want to treat them a little differently than other crystals. It's not a good idea to clean pyrite with water or chemicals. That can cause the crystals to disintegrate, which would obviously be bad luck! So remember, don't place them near water!


We would recommend trying a dry cloth or brush instead. You should also keep your pyrite in a dry place.


Wear them on a necklace, place them around your house or carry one in your pocket. You can also bury them for extra protection around your house, just make sure they're far away from plants. 


You can also use them as gifts. After all, who would say no to lil' extra luck, right?


In conclusion, get your hands on a pyrite crystal ASAP, and you’ll never have to worry about being unlucky ever again!


Ready to let Pyrite work its magic?


Time to get lucky!