Our Story

We are the highest quality crystal of the earth, how was this great and lucky crystal born? It comes from the closest place where the universe is linked to the earth, a mountain 6000 meters above sea level, the most holy place, where the day is full of golden sunlight and the night is full of starry vastness, where the energy is the greatest and the closest to God, where the infinite energy of the universe is received every day, where all the luck, love and gratitude, confidence, strength and tolerance are gathered. The crystals here connect dreams and the universe, joy and happiness, and in our crystals there is a portal to the universe. We are dedicated to bringing empowerment, healing and the necessary tools to enhance one's self-care journey We at Crystal connect with this wisdom to further heal yourself and awaken your inner potential. In the process, you will become increasingly familiar with such an infinite, abundant energy. When you have a clearer perception of yourself, are more confident and empowered, and can skillfully perceive and use your own natural qualities, the crystal's mission here will end, and the crystal will go on to help the next person in need.